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20V MAX* Cordless Power Cleaner Kit


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The BLACK+DECKER® 20V MAX* power cleaner offers 5X the pressure of a garden hose with up to 350 max psi. It is a part of the BLACK+DECKER® 20V MAX* POWERCONNECT™ Interchangeable battery system so you can share the battery with other BLACK+DECKER® 20V MAX* items.

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  • Convenient and portable, the BLACK+DECKER® 20V MAX* Power Cleaner has 5X the pressure of a garden hose with up to 350 MAX PSI, which means tough cleaning power in a compact package. Connect the power cleaner to your garden hose or you can draw water from a water-filled sink or bucket or any freshwater source including lakes and rivers for a truly portable cleaning solution. The integrated adjustable nozzle provides various water streams so you can tackle a variety of tasks inside and outside the house, as well as on the go. Wash your car and spray clean your windows, deck, driveway, and garage. Clean your grill, patio furniture and outdoor play equipment. On your next adventure, use the Power Cleaner to spray mud off the tires of your bike and debris off your kayak before loading it up, or store it on board your boat to keep the exterior and decking clean and well maintained. Swap on the included short watering wand and you can even water delicate flowers. This Power Cleaner is part of the BLACK+DECKER® 20V MAX* POWERCONNECT™ Battery System so you can use the interchangeable battery to power your other BLACK+DECKER® 20V MAX* tools and outdoor equipment.
    • THE POWER YOU NEED: 5x the pressure of a garden hose*** providing up to 350 MAX PSI**, which means the power you need to clean caked on dirt and debris
    • PORTABLE: Connect directly to a garden hose or use the included 20-foot suction hose to draw from any freshwater source like a lake or river. You may also pair the Power Cleaner with the 10L Portable Water Bag (sold separately).
    • COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT: Weighing in at less than 5lbs (with the included 1.5AH battery), the Power Cleaner is easy to maneuver and store.
    • ADJUSTABLE NOZZLE FOR VERSATILE USES: With a simple twist, the integrated nozzle adjusts to various water streams for different cleaning applications
    • KIT INCLUDES: (1) Power cleaner, (1) Long wand with integrated adjustable nozzle, (1) Short watering wand, (1) Suction/draw hose, (1) Quick connect hose adaptor, (1) 20V MAX** 1.5AH Battery, (1) Charger
    • POWERCONNECT™ Battery System: The same interchangeable battery powers your BLACK+DECKER® 20V MAX** tools and outdoor equipment in and around the home. *Maximum initial battery voltage (measured without a workload) is 20 volts. Nominal voltage is 18.
  • Battery Included Battery Included:
    Battery Type Battery Type:
    20V MAX* Lithium Ion
    Cordless vs Corded Cordless vs Corded:
    No. of Batteries Required No. of Batteries Required:
    Power Type Power Type:
    Product Application Product Application:
    Height Height:
    6.0 IN
    Length Length:
    24.6 IN
    Weight Weight:
    8.7 LB
    Width Width:
    11.1 IN
    Voltage Voltage:
    20 V
    Watt Hours Watt Hours:
    Warranty Warranty:
    2 Year Limited Warranty


    (1) Bcpw350 Power Cleaner. (1) 1.5Ah Battery. (1) Charger. (1) Long Wand With Integrated Adjustable Nozzle. (1) Short Watering Wand. (1) Suction Hose. (1) Quick Connect Hose Adaptor

* Maximum initial battery voltage (measured without a workload) is 20 volts. Nominal voltage is 18.,**Maximum psi when used with integrated nozzle,***When used with integrated nozzle,****350 Max psi with integrated nozzle vs 70 psi of a garden hose with no attachment,±Max gpm when used with watering nozzle

Products Made Easy By Design™

Various applications

From a portable power cleaner to watering a flowerbed, this washer can fulfill a wide arrange of outdoor needs, whether high-pressure or low-pressure.

Delicate or strong

This product ranges from a strong power cleaner to a watering wand with its easy-to-use connection adapters.

Multiple water source options

This product can connect to a garden hose or even suction from a fresh water source.

20V MAX* POWERCONNECT™ compatible

POWERCONNECT™ batteries work with all the 20V MAX* BLACK+DECKER® products you already own.

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