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How to choose a hedge trimmer

Hedge trimmers are some of the most versatile and time-saving outdoor tools you’ll own. 

There are different types and sizes available, and for all but the smallest shrubs (where you can use manual hedge clippers), you’ll want a power hedge trimmer to get the job done quickly and easily.  

With so many electric hedge trimmers out there, it’s important to assess your needs and select one that has the features and dimensions that will work best for you. Here are some guidelines from the yard maintenance experts here at BLACK+DECKER. 

Choosing the right size hedge trimmer 

First, take a look around your yard. Are your hedges short and compact or do they meet you at eye level or higher? Trimmers with shorter blades like this 16-inch Electric Hedge Trimmer are easy to maneuver and make quick work of smaller hedges and bushes. A hedge trimmer with a longer blade, such as this 22-in. SAWBLADE™ Electric Hedge Trimmer is ideal for bigger hedges where you want a larger cutting swath and smooth, clean lines. If your hedges are very large and tower over your head, or if they grow into hard-to-reach corners, consider a pole hedge trimmer to give you extra reach. 

Tough branches? Choose a hedge trimmer that can handle them.

If you will be cutting larger limbs and branches on well-established shrubs, you’ll need maximum muscle from a hedge trimmer. BLACK+DECKER offers trimmer models with a unique feature called SAWBLADE™, which gives you a lot more cutting power for larger branches. This line of electric hedge trimmers offers a variety of blade sizes. The 16-in. SAWBLADE™ Electric Hedge Trimmer will cut branches up to 1 in. thick, and the 20-in. SAWBLADE™ Electric Hedge Trimmer is suitable for larger hedges, easily cutting branches up to 1.5 in. 

Comfort is key when choosing an electric hedge trimmer 

Make sure you pick up and hold a variety of bush trimmer styles before you buy, because how it feels in your hands will impact how long you can comfortably work. Here are some comfort features to look for: 

T-style handles have a sturdy t-shaped knob at the front to provide a wide, balanced grip on the trimmer and plenty of control. This 16-in. Electric Hedge Trimmer with T-handle is compact and perfect for smaller cutting jobs. It also has a full-length trigger to reduce fatigue. 

Wrap-around handles are designed for maximum comfort and maneuverability because you can easily change your grip position according to the angle of the cut. Tools like this 18-in. Electric Hedge Trimmer or 22-in. Electric Hedge Trimmer is lightweight and features a full wrap-around handle for comfortable operation in any position. 

Dual-action blades like the one on this 17-in. Electric Hedge Trimmer reduces vibration compared to single-action blades, helping to improve comfort and reduce fatigue as you work.