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Make delicious mixologist-crafted cocktails and mocktails in seconds from the comfort of your home with the bev by BLACK+DECKER™  cocktail maker, available in corded and cordless models. 21+ | Please drink responsibly | Glass liquor bottles sold separately | Alcohol not included

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Party's here!  The color-changing LEDs on this cocktail maker are a crowd-pleaser!

Zara J., Product Manager

The cordless edition of the bev by BLACK+DECKER™ cocktail maker features multi-color LED lights with color-changing functionality. We call it enhanced party mode! Match your décor or party theme with a rainbow of colors that light under the bottles and digital display.

Delicious mixologist crafted drinks in seconds.

Cheers to the moment™

bev by BLACK+DECKER™ cocktail maker exclusively uses mixologist-crafted Bartesian® cocktail capsules* to make delicious drinks in seconds. Choose from a growing assortment of 50+ cocktails! New capsules are constantly being added to the mix, so check back often to explore the latest and greatest.

*Bartesian® cocktail capsules sold separately.

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