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The ultimate kitchen sidekick™

This cordless multi-tool makes it easy to cook and prep in the kitchen, from whisking milk for your morning cappuccino to spicing up dinner. It features one base unit and a variety of attachments.

Build your kitchen wand set

Learn about all of the attachment options to find the best solutions for you. 

From smoothies to soups

Ensure a smooth finish with the immersion blender attachment. And check out our recipes for more ways to use all the kitchen wand attachments.

Spice up your everyday favorites

Easily pull together a quick appetizer while hosting. The kitchen wand blender, spice grinder and can opener will help you whip up this hummus recipe in a flash. And it's an easy clean up too. 

Check out the complete recipe here

Level up your lattes, cappuccinos and more

Use the milk frother attachment to froth milk to your liking and create artisnal coffees. 

Try this delicious cinnamon and cardamom coffee.

All kits include one power unit, one mixing cup, and one charging dock. Storage provided will vary per kit. Check out the full collection below.

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kitchen wand™ 6 Kit, Black

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kitchen wand™ 6 Kit, Grey

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kitchen wand™ 6 Kit, Red