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kitchen wand™ 4 Kit, Red


kitchen wand™ 4 Kit, Red

Your newest kitchen accessory is here from BLACK+DECKER.  The Kitchen Wand multitool is cordless, simple to charge and has a variable speed setting so you can craft recipes with ease.  4 attachments come with this set, including the immersion blender attachment, hand mixer attachment, can opener attachment and food chopper attachment.

  • Find help throughout the kitchen with the BLACK+DECKER® kitchen wand™ cordless 4in1 kitchen multitool. Built-In rechargeable battery gives you up to 30 minutes of continuous runtime. The wand base contains clear battery state-of-charge indicator lights and an adjustable speed dial for control over the power chosen. The 4in1 kit includes food-prep-focused attachments and comes with an immersion blender, hand mixer, can opener, and food choppper. The kit also includes a measuring cup and lid, and a charging dock and cord to minimize the space kitchen wand™ takes in your kitchen. The ultimate kitchen sidekick™
    • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: The ultimate kitchen sidekick™, the BLACK+DECKER® kitchen wand™ system helps you with a variety of cooking and prepping applications. Blend, mix, open, and chop with the 4 included attachments
    • CORDLESS: The rechargeable unit provides the runtime you need. It blends up to 75 bowls of soup , chops up to 44 onions  , or mixes up to 10 dozen cupcakes on a full charge
    • EASY TO CHARGE: Sleek, compact charging dock included with kit easily recharges the wand base
    • CONTROL THE SPEED: The variable speed dial allows easy transition from low to high speeds
    • THOUGHTFUL DESIGN: Included Immersion Blender Guard and Food Chopper Liquid Port help make food prep easy “ guard protects your pans, and liquid port allows you to easily add liquid.
    • ATTACHMENTS INCLUDED: Immersion Blender Attachment, Hand Mixer Attachment, Can Opener Attachment, Food Chopper Attachment
    • ADDITIONAL ITEMS INCLUDED: Red wand base, Mixing cup with lid, Charging dock + Cord, Immersion Blender Guard
    Product Application Product Application:
    Height Height:
    5.0 IN
    Length Length:
    22.4 IN
    Weight Weight:
    7.0 LB
    Width Width:
    15.6 IN
    Watt Hours Watt Hours:


    (1) Red Wand Base| (1) Immersion Blender Attachment| (1) Immersion Blender Guard| (1) Hand Mixer Attachment| (1) Food Chopper Attachment| (1) Can Opener Attachment| (1) Charging Dock With Cord| (1) Measuring Cup With Lid

Based on a fully charged wand base with immersion blender attachment, using 12-ounce bowls (354 mL) of Fresh Tomato and Basil Soup. Based on a fully charged wand base with food chopper attachment, using medium (125g/4.4oz) red onions. Based on a fully charged wand base with hand mixer attachment, making standard (1/4 cup/60mL of batter) cupcakes. Based on a fully charged wand base with immersion blender attachment, running with no load.

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