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kitchen wand™ Cordless 4in1 Kitchen Multi-tool, Red


kitchen wand™ Cordless 4in1 Kitchen Multi-tool, Red

Your newest kitchen accessory is here from BLACK+DECKER.  The Kitchen Wand multitool is cordless, simple to charge and has a variable speed setting so you can craft recipes with ease.  4 attachments come with this set, including the immersion blender attachment, hand mixer attachment, can opener attachment and food chopper attachment.

  • Find help throughout the kitchen with the BLACK+DECKER® kitchen wand™ cordless 4in1 kitchen multitool. Built-In rechargeable battery gives you up to 30 minutes of continuous runtime††††. The wand base contains clear battery state-of-charge indicator lights and an adjustable speed dial for control over the power chosen. The 4in1 kit includes food-prep-focused attachments and comes with an immersion blender, hand mixer, can opener, and food choppper. The kit also includes a measuring cup and lid, and a charging dock and cord to minimize the space kitchen wand™ takes in your kitchen. The ultimate kitchen sidekick™
    • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: The ultimate kitchen sidekick™, the BLACK+DECKER® kitchen wand™ system helps you with a variety of cooking and prepping applications. Blend, mix, open, and chop with the 4 included attachments
    • CORDLESS: The rechargeable unit provides the runtime you need. It blends up to 75 bowls of soup , chops up to 44 onions  , or mixes up to 10 dozen cupcakes on a full charge
    • EASY TO CHARGE: Sleek, compact charging dock included with kit easily recharges the wand base
    • CONTROL THE SPEED: The variable speed dial allows easy transition from low to high speeds
    • THOUGHTFUL DESIGN: Included Immersion Blender Guard and Food Chopper Liquid Port help make food prep easy “ guard protects your pans, and liquid port allows you to easily add liquid.
    • ATTACHMENTS INCLUDED: Immersion Blender Attachment, Hand Mixer Attachment, Can Opener Attachment, Food Chopper Attachment
    • ADDITIONAL ITEMS INCLUDED: Red wand base, Mixing cup with lid, Charging dock + Cord, Immersion Blender Guard
    Product Application Product Application:
    Height Height:
    5.0 IN
    Length Length:
    22.4 IN
    Weight Weight:
    7.0 LB
    Width Width:
    15.6 IN
    Watt Hours Watt Hours:
    Warranty Warranty:
    2 Year Limited Warranty


    (1) Red Wand Base. (1) Immersion Blender Attachment. (1) Immersion Blender Guard. (1) Hand Mixer Attachment. (1) Food Chopper Attachment. (1) Can Opener Attachment. (1) Charging Dock With Cord. (1) Measuring Cup With Lid

*Based on a fully charged wand base with immersion blender attachment, using 12-ounce bowls (354 mL) of Fresh Tomato and Basil Soup,**Based on a fully charged wand base with food chopper attachment, using medium (125g/4.4oz) red onions,***Based on a fully charged wand base with hand mixer attachment, making standard (1/4 cup/60mL of batter) cupcakes,****Based on a fully charged wand base with immersion blender attachment, running with no load.

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