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dustbuster® Vacuum Filter


This replacement filter is washable and works well with BLACK+DECKER® dustbuster® models HHVK.  Regularly replacing filters will help with the performance of your vacuum.
  • Washable replacement filter for dustbuster® and dustbuster® QuickClean™ series hand vacuums. Care Instructions: 1. Wash the filters regularly using warm, soapy water 2. It is very important that the filters are completely dry before (24 hours).
    • Works ith all BLACK+DECKER® models HHVK
    • For optimal performance, replace the filter every 6-9 months and whenever worn or damaged.
    • Washable replacement filter for dustbuster® AdvancedClean+™ Hand Vacuums
    Height Height:
    4.3 IN
    Length Length:
    5.4 IN
    Weight Weight:
    0.2 LB
    Width Width:
    3.4 IN


    (1) Vacuum Filter

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