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Screw Extractor Set, 5-Piece


This 5-piece set from BLACK+DECKER® includes commonly used extractor sizes, including: 5/64-Inch; 7/64-Inch; 5/32-Inch; 1/4-Inch; 9/32-Inch.  These durable extractors will help you remove bolts or screws that are damaged.

  • The BLACK+DECKER® 16270 5 Piece screw extractor set (size 1-5) is designed for removing screws or bolts with damaged heads. This set offers the 5 most common screw extracting sizes and saves you money over purchasing each piece separately. Screw extractor sizes included: 5/64-Inch; 7/64-Inch; 5/32-Inch; 1/4-Inch; 9/32-Inch.
    • This set offers a strong value on the five most common screw extractors
    • Includes screw driving bit tips and nut drivers in most popular sizes
    • Compact storage case fits easily in toolbox, drawer or pouch
    Height Height:
    0.7 IN
    Length Length:
    6.3 IN
    Weight Weight:
    0.3 LB
    Width Width:
    2.2 IN


    (1) Screw Extractor 5/64-In, (1) Screw Extractor 7/64-In, (1) Screw Extractor 5/32-In, (1) Screw Extractor 1/4-In, (1) Screw Extractor 9/32-In

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