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How to hang curtains

Skill Level: Beginner 

Learning how to hang up curtains can save you time. 

This walkthrough takes you through each step to putting up curtains. 

Step by Step Instructions 

Step 1. Measure your window 

Determine how wide and long you want your curtains to hang. You will want at least 4 inches above and to the sides of the window. Write these down, as this will help determine which curtains you want. 

Step 2. Choose curtains and appropriate rod 

Make sure the curtains and rod fit the window(s) area they'll be used for. Consider color, fabric, and use – such as decorative vs. functional, straight vs. ruffle, blackout vs. opaque, etc. 

Step 3. Measure and mark brackets 

Do this based off of your mounting hardware. Should be at least 4 inches above and to the sides of the window(s) area. 


Step 4. Drill pilot holes 

Using a drill and a black oxide bit, drill pilot holes. If possible, drill into a stud; if not, use appropriate drywall mounting hardware. 

Step 5. Attach curtain brackets 

Fasten brackets to the wall with appropriate mounting hardware (screws), use the appropriate driving bit, and drill/driver. You may not want to fully drive screws as adjustments may be needed to level the rod. 

Step 6. Ensure curtain rod is level 

Place rod into brackets and ensure that the rod is level with a level. If it is not, adjust brackets until the rod is level. 

Step 7. Hang curtains 

Depending on the type of curtains purchased, these may go directly on the rod or have a unique way of attaching – follow the instructions that came with the curtains. 

Step 8. Secure rod 

Ensure the rod will not move in the brackets. 

Step 9. Enjoy your new space