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4 tips for a sparkling clean kitchen

Between kids, work, and other obligations, finding time for a deep clean seems overwhelming. 

Tackling cleanup with a plan can help you get it done in less time and with less hassle. When you're ready to roll up your sleeves, follow these simple tips to help you clean up quickly and thoroughly. 

Tip 1. Get Rid of Crumbs with a Handheld Vacuum 

Start by putting everything away. Then use a handheld vacuum to get crumbs and other messes out of the way, quickly and easily. This step prevents you from moving the mess around and sets you up to tackle the rest of the kitchen. 

Tip 2. Clean Surfaces Without Chemicals 

Avoid using toxic chemicals with a steam cleaner like the 7in1 Steam-Mop™ with SteamGlove Handheld Steamer with hand steamer attachment and accessories. Great for everything from countertop grime to grout lines. Use it to loosen grime, then finish up with final steam to disinfect. 

Tip 3. Do a Final Kitchen Wipe Down 

Focus on areas that need some extra attention, like the stove top and sink. A powered scrubber like the Grimebuster™ Pro can cut through grime faster than manual scrubbing, and the dishwasher-safe cleaning heads make cleanup even simpler. Finish up with a top-to-bottom wipe down of all the cabinets and appliances. Pay special attention to reflective surfaces like glass knobs and nickel hardware to ensure noticeable shine. 

Tip 4. Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labor 

Try putting out some fresh fruit, clean dishtowels, and flowers, or a plant to breathe new life into your just-cleaned space. Take a break with a fresh cup of coffee and enjoy the outcome of your hard work.