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Portable Dehumidifier With Pump Hose (4,500 Sq Ft)


BLACK+DECKER® premium portable dehumidifier was designed to defend against harmful allergens such as dust mites, mold and mildew. Keep your air quality clean with this high performing dehumidifier.

  • Defend against potentially harmful allergens with this 4,500 Sq. Ft. Portable Dehumidifier. The high-performance humidifier was designed to keep your home or office space's air quality pristine and comfortable by helping prevent dust mites, mold, and mildew. In 24 hours at a time, it can hold up to 50 pints while covering up to 650 sq. ft. (2019 DOE Standards)/4,500 sq. ft. The dehumidifier's removable 6 L tank is accompanied by an electronic on-board control panel and a water level indicator to help prevent spills and keep you aware of how hard your device is working. Auto-restart and auto-defrost functions help provide a first-rate user experience, along a continuous gravity feed drain and continuous run for non-stop dehumidification. When it's time, simply pull the air filter out, wash, and reuse it.
    • PORTABLE AND POWERFUL: Robust, compact 4-wheel dehumidifier reduces humidity levels and dust in your home, making it less hospitable to dust mites, mold, and mildew
    • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: ENERGY STAR® and UL Certified Most Efficient (2020) humidity controller uses ecologically safe R4110a refrigerant at 6.88 oz. plus built-in pump with 16-2/5 ft. drain hose
    • DESIGNED FOR LOW MAINTENANCE AND SAFETY: Water level indicator, audible alert system, and automatic shut-off when bucket is full with 24-hour on/off timer, 1-2/3 ft. drain hose, and washable, reusable air filter
    • SMART TECHNOLOGY FOR ENHANCED UTILITY: Adjustable humidistat with LED digital display, auto-defrost and auto-restart for seamless operation, 2-speed fan (high and low), and low noise level under 51 dBA
    • OVERFLOW PROTECTION: RV dehumidifier prevents leaks and spills by keeping excess water from flowing outside of the bank
  • Cordless vs Corded Cordless vs Corded:
    No. of Batteries Required No. of Batteries Required:
    Weight Weight:
    12.1 LB


    (1) Drain Hose. (1) Pump Hose. (1) Mesh Filter

ENERGY STAR® Certified

Manufactured by Equity Brands

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