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Snake Light


BLACK+DECKER® SnakeLight® features a 2in1 directional light thanks to the flexible gooseneck for easy positioning.

  • An adaptable and versatile light, the BLACK+DECKER SNAKELIGHT is made for you to enjoy! Whether tackling household repairs, working at your desk or enjoying moments that put a smile on your face, the BLACK+DECKER Snake Light is unique and flexible, and can transform to your needs.
    • 2-IN-1 FLEXIBLE LIGHT: One end provides a large space light while the other end provides a small directional light.
    • SPACE LIGHT: Ideal for the office, dorm room, or home. Brightness can be adjusted by pressing and holding the power button to activate stepless dimming. Snakelight will remember the brightness setting for the next time the space light is used.
    • DIRECTIONAL LIGHT: Points light in set direction. Great for reading, art & crafts, and hobbies.
    • FLEXIBLE GOOSENECK FOR EASY POSITIONING: Light can be shaped to sit like a table lamp or bent and wrapped to hang as needed
    • SLEEK LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE DESIGN: Convenient for use around the home or on the go
    • EXCELLENT RUNTIME: Up to 15 hours on large space light* and up to 4.5 hours on small directional light*.
    • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: USB cable provided to recharge the integral battery. Light can continue to be used while charging.
  • Battery Included Battery Included:
    Cordless vs Corded Cordless vs Corded:
    Product Application Product Application:
    Height Height:
    2.400 IN
    Length Length:
    9.000 IN
    Weight Weight:
    1.0 LB
    Width Width:
    5.2 IN


    (1) Usb Charging Cable

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