Thermal Leak Detector

Thermal Leak Detector

Save on heating and cooling energy costs by reducing hidden leaks with this thermal leak detector. Fast, convenient, and easy to use.


  • Infrared thermometer detects wall surface temperature to spot hidden energy leaks
  • Easily set the reference temperature to show deviations
  • As you aim the detector at walls around your home, LED changes color at hot or cold spots
  • Save up to 20% on heating and cooling energy costs by reducing hidden leaks
  • Includes booklet of easy ways to seal and insulate your home
  • Displays surface temperature (of a wall, window, etc.) on LCD screen in Fahrenheit or Celsius


  • Use for seasonal home inspections
  • Find hidden leaks around doors, floors, walls, pipes, ducts, windows and more
  • Use to check temperatures of surfaces you can't touch
  • Check to make sure your HVAC is working properly
  • Diagnose engine misfires
  • Check ceiling insulation around recessed lights
  • Check for drafts around the fireplace
  • Confirm that your fridge and freeze settings are correct
  • And many more applications


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