Steam Clean in More Ways Than One

8 in 1 complete steam cleaning system.

The Ultimate in Steam Cleaning Versatility

Turn housework into light work with our Steam-Mop™ range. Lighter and more powerful, they kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria using just water. A built-in handheld steam cleaner gives you ultimate flexibility, while the new SteamGlove™ puts the power of steam at your fingertips, revolutionizing surface cleaning around the home.

8 in 1 complete steam cleaning system being used by a person to clean a cupboard door.

Clean More than Just Floors

With SmartSelect® Technology you can adjust your Steam-Mop™ to the appropriate amount of steam based on the surface you’re cleaning - making it safe and simple to clean any kind of sealed hard flooring, including timber, tiles, vinyl, and stone. Get an exceptional clean for more than just your floors by switching from a Steam-Mop™ to a versatile hand-held steam cleaner with variable steam. Tackle mirrors, tiles, upholstery, and more.

The Power of Steam in the Palm of Your Hand

Forget unhygienic dishcloths and harsh chemicals, our revolutionary SteamGlove™ puts the power of steam at your fingertips. From kitchen surfaces and hobs to shower doors and high chairs, enjoy ultimate flexibility with an easy-to-wear design and cut through grime with ease, killing 99.9% of germs using just tap water. The SteamGlove™ is included as an attachment with selected Steam-Mop™ products, and as a dedicated handheld steam cleaner.

8 in 1 Complete Steam Cleaning System being used for cleaning floor.

Kill Up To 99.9% Of Germs Without Chemicals

Why bring expensive, harsh chemicals into your home? These steam cleaners cut through stubborn grease and grime and kill germs with water and a microfiber pad.

Just fill the tank, and your cleaner is heated and ready to go in 20 seconds.

8 in 1 Complete Steam Cleaning System being used in hand.

More Steam For a Fast Clean

To give you even more grime-cutting power, our line of mops has 40% more steam than previous models.

With more steam working for you, stubborn stains, grease, and dirt lift off in seconds – with no chemical residue.

8 in 1 Complete Steam Cleaning System being used by person to clean kitchen floor.

Lightweight + Easy to Use

Easily maneuver around furniture and into tight spaces thanks to swivel steering and a 180° pivoting mop head.

Our mops have a streamlined design that’s lighter than previous models, so thorough cleaning is faster and easier than ever.