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Your personal bartender

Make delicious mixologist-crafted cocktails and mocktails in seconds from the comfort of your home.

Mix up any occasion™

Whether you're unwinding on the couch after a long day of work, hosting an intimate dinner party or throwing a blowout backyard BBQ, bev by BLACK+DECKER™ cocktail maker lets you mix up any occasion with personalized cocktails at the touch of a button. Now, every drink enthusiast can feel like they have their own personal bartender at home. 

Easy-load liquor system

Connect five standard 750ml liquor bottles**, directly to the machine (loaded upright and no decanting) so you can drink and display the brand of vodka, tequila, whiskey, gin and rum of your choice.  Prefer the look of uniform, labelless bottles? Use any bottle that fits under the top canopy and has the standard bottle opening to accommodate the straw top.

**Liquor not included

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Insert Your Capsule

Exclusively compatible with a growing assortment of freshness-dated Bartesian cocktail capsules* containing real juice, extracts and bitters. 

*Capsules sold separately.

bev by BLACK+DECKER turning the dial on the cocktail maker

Customize Your Cocktail Strength

Select your drink strength with the touch of a dial; choose from mocktail, light, regular or strong.

bev by BLACK+DECKER pressing the button on the coctail maker

Press Mix and Enjoy!

Delicious mixologists-crafted cocktails in seconds from the comfort of your own home.

An assortment of cocktails and drinks made with bev by BLACK+DECKER

Cheers to the moment™

bev by BLACK+DECKER™ exclusively uses mixologist-crafted Bartesian® cocktail capsules* to make delicious cocktails and mocktails in seconds. Choose from a growing assortment of 40+ cocktails to find your new signature drink. Visit bartesian.com to explore the growing assortment of 40+ cocktails and find your new signature drink.  

bartesian premium cocktails on demand
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Quick and Easy Set-up

Get your glass ready. Setting up your bev by BLACK+DECKER™ cocktail maker is quick and easy, but if you'd prefer a visual on how to jumpstart your bar game check out this video.



    BLACK+DECKER partnered with Bartesian, the creator of the first-ever intelligent cocktail maker, to put our spin on the single serve cocktail maker and bring this technology to market in new retail environments across the country and globe.  Meet the bev by BLACK+DECKER™ cocktail maker which exclusively uses mixologist crafted Bartesian® capsules* to make delicious cocktails and mocktails in seconds.
    *sold separately


    Bartesian cocktail capsules sold separately, Liquor not included.

    The cocktail maker is  12 ¼” wide x 15 ½” tall x 12 1/2” deep fully assembled.

    Bottles must be placed in their designated space to ensure the correct drink is dispensed. Names of the liquids (rum, gin, tequila, vodka, whiskey, and water) are located in each spot, indicating the appropriate liquid. 


    The cocktail maker will fit standard 750ml bottles of liquor.

    Your BLACK+DECKER appliance has been designed to operate over a long period of time with a minimum of maintenance. Continuous satisfactory operation depends upon proper appliance care and regular cleaning. It is recommended to clean the liquid lines of the cocktail maker at least once a month. For cleaning instructions, please consult the manual.

    The scanner inside the capsule holder scans the code on top of the capsule. This allows the cocktail maker to pull from the correct bottles so it dispenses the correct drink.

    It is recommended that you only put still water in the water bottle. 

    bev by BLACK+DECKER™ in partnership with Bartesian is all about creating an authentic cocktail lounge experience where cocktails are either served on ice, or shaken/strained over ice.  For the best tasting experience, follow shaker indication light on the cocktail machine otherwise serve on ice.

    The bottle LEDs can be set in 3 different modes. When you first turn the cocktail maker on by pushing the "I" side of the power switch all 6 bottle LEDs will light in standard light mode. Press the “party mode” button on the back of the machine to set in party mode. The LEDs will begin flashing. Press the party mode button a second time to turn all bottle LEDs off. Press the party mode button a third time to turn all bottle LEDs back on.

    •    (1) bev by BLACK+DECKER™ cocktail maker
    •    (1)  750ml capacity water bottle
    •    (6) straws with stoppers
    •    (1) removable power cord
    •    (1) Straw Cleaner
    •    Cocktail capsules are SOLD SEPARATELY



    If a bottle runs out of liquid while the cocktail maker is mixing a drink: 

    1. The cocktail mixer will enter pause mode for 2 minutes to allow you to replace the empty bottle. Refer to the PAUSE MODE section in the manual for more information. 
    2. Do not turn the power switch (part 14 in the manual) off. Turning it off will reset the mixing process and the cartridge will no longer be able to be used. NOTE: The unit will not flush the lines while the capsule holder lid (part 22) is lifted. 

    To replace the empty bottle: 

    1. Remove the bottle as described in the REMOVING BOTTLES section in the manual. 
    2. Install the a new bottle as described in the INSTALLING BOTTLES section in the manual. 
    3. Press the mix button (part 26) to resume mixing the drink from where it left off.

    If the cocktail mixer fails to read the barcode when the lid is closed: 

    1. Open the lid and clean and dry the barcode scanner. 
    2. Ensure the barcode on the capsule is not damaged and is free of water or debris.
    3. Reinsert the capsule and operate the cocktail machine normally.


    Periodic cleaning maintenance will help your bev by BLACK+DECKER™ cocktail maker operate optimally.  If when making a cocktail you find that it’s spraying or otherwise not dispending as intending, cleaning the capsule cup will likely resolve the issue.

    Remove the capsule cup (part 23 in manual) by pulling it up and out of the capsule holder (part 21.)  The cup can be cleaned either in the top rack of a dishwasher or by hand.  To reinstall the cup, slide it into the capsule holder and press down. Ensure the cup sits fully and securely inside the capsule holder.



    Bartesian cocktail capsules sold separately, Liquor not included.
    bev by BLACK+DECKER™ cocktail maker exclusively uses Bartesian premium cocktail capsules*.  Bartesian’s expert mixologist have provided answers to common questions around their capsules and drinks to help ensure you have the best cocktail experience.  
    *sold separately


    Discover the full assortment of cocktail capsules on Bartesian.com.   You can even sign-up for a subscription, so your cocktail selections are automatically sent to you each month.


    Cocktails are crafted to replicate the cocktail lounge experience. Each cocktail's yield is designed to meet the standards of authentic recipes that make use of genuine ingredients.  The amount of liquor drawn can be adjusted for each cocktail selecting from mocktail, light, regular or strong which will increase or lessen the overall yield accordingly. 


    Bartesian capsules do not contain alcohol. This gives you the freedom not only to use the liquor of your own choosing, but bev by BLACK+DECKER also allows you to customize your cocktail from mocktail to strong.  Bartesian’s cocktail capsules contain everything needed beyond the alcohol to make your favorite cocktails—including real bitters, extracts, and juices. This saves you from individually sourcing, purchasing, and storing extra ingredients that often lead to waste.


    The dating on the packaging is a presentation guideline that is significantly different from an expiration or safety date. Regrettably, confusion between the two contributes to a significant amount of food waste in North America each year. Bartesian proudly uses genuine juices, bitters, and extract concentrates and avoids the use of artificial colors, fructose, and corn syrups that would negatively impact the quality of our cocktails. Since the genuine ingredients vary by cocktail the dates vary with each selection and can be between 2-8 months from the date of receipt.

    What happens after the date?

    Beyond the date, there is a chance that over a period of time the presentation may begin to change (the color may slowly darken from the natural sugars, and could potentially taste sweeter) the safety of consuming the cocktail will not have changed.

    Notes to extend the presentation date:

    1. The dates assume storage at room temperature. If stored in a fridge, you suspend them in their current state for an additional 2 months above the package dating.
    2. Capsules can safely be frozen and maintain their presentation for 12 months. 

    Currently, Bartesian capsules and the bev by BLACK+DECKER™ cocktail maker are only available within North America.  Stay tuned for updates and developments on international availability. 

    Drink responsibly