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reviva™ Cordless Line Laser Level


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Complete your levelling tasks with ease using the reviva™ cordless laser level.  This product makes organizing items on your walls, such as mirrors, frames, or shelving units simple and fast.


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  • This Cordless Line Laser is both quick and simple to use, and is ideal for a wide variety of levelling tasks including hanging pictures, mirrors and curtains, or putting up shelves and cabinets. Equipped with two large bubble vials with backlights for maximum visibility, the reviva™ Line Laser delivers precise and reliable results every time. For added convenience and hands-free operation, the laser can be mounted in the 360° rotating wall bracket, enabling you to project the laser line at any angle. This versatile tool is powered by two AA batteries. Part of the reviva™ range, the housing of each BLACK+DECKER® reviva™ Cordless Line Laser is made with Tritan Renew 50% certified recycled material1 and contains an amount of recycled material equivalent to the weight of 3 0.5L single-use plastic bottles. Recycled material is certified through a third-party mass balance allocation process Assumes avera™ge 0.5L single-use bottle weighs 10.3g
    • TOOL HOUSING MADE FROM RECYCLED MATERIALS**: For the eco-conscious consumer, the reviva™ laser level tool housing is made with Tritan Renew 50% certified recycled material**
    • MAKING AN IMPACT: This product contains an amount of recycled material** equivalent to the weight of 3 single-use 16.9 fl oz plastic bottles***
    • IDEAL TO USE WHEN HANGING DECORATIVE ITEMS & MORE: Laser level is useful for household applications that require alignment and leveling
    • COMPACT DESIGN: Makes it easy to position the laser level at the height and location you need it
    • HANDSFREE MOUNTING: Wall mount tack holds laser where you need it
    • VERTICAL & HORIZONTAL LEVELS: Backlit for visibility, 2 bubble vials make positioning for vertical or horizontal lines easy
    • 360-DEGREE ROTATING BASE: Ultimate flexibility for decorating at many angles
    • UP TO 15 FT WORKING RANGE*: Laser projects red line for easy measuring and marking at distances suitable for many household project
    • Laser Class 2, <=1.5mW @ 510-530nm
  • Battery Type Battery Type:
    Product Application Product Application:
    Height Height:
    2.7 IN
    Length Length:
    3.8 IN
    Weight Weight:
    0.5 LB
    Width Width:
    2.7 IN
    Watt Hours Watt Hours:
    Warranty Warranty:
    2 Year Limited Warranty


    (1) Laser Level. (1) Wall Mount Tack. (2) Aa Batteries

**Recycled material is certified through a third-party mass balance allocation process.,***Assumes average 16.9 fl-oz single use bottle weighs 0.36 oz.,*Depends on light conditions

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