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Trimmer Line Cap And Spring For Afs Trimmer (Rc100P)


This Replacement Spool Cap and Spring is intended to be used with a variety of BLACK+DECKER® string trimmers that use the automatic feed spool.
  • The BLACK+DECKER® Replacement Spool Cap and Spring is designed for use with string trimmers that utilize an automatic feed spool. Compatible with: BESTA510, BESTA512, BEASE620, CST1000, CST1200, CST2000, GH400, GH500, GH600, GH610, GH900, GH912, LST120, LST136, LST140, LST201, LST220, LST300, LST400, LST420, LST522, LST1018, LSTE522, LSTE523, LSTE525, NST1018, NST1024, NST1118, NST1810, NST2018, NST2118, ST7000, ST7200, ST7700, ST7701, ST8600, ST9000.
    • Automatic feed spool
    • Compatible with: BESTA51, BESTA512, BEASE62, CST1, CST12, CST2, GH4, GH5, GH6, GH61, GH9, GH912, LST12, LST136, LST14, LST21, LST22, LST3, LST4, LST42, LST522, LST118, LSTE522, LSTE523, LSTE525, NST118, NST124, NST1118, NST181, NST218, NST2118, ST7, ST72, ST77, ST771, ST86, ST9
    • Measures 3.5 by 1.5 by 3.5 inches; weighs 1.6 ounces
    • Replacement spool cap designed for use with trimmers. (Spring not required for cordless trimmers.)
    Height Height:
    1.4 IN
    Length Length:
    7.5 IN
    Weight Weight:
    0.1 LB
    Width Width:
    5.5 IN


    Trimmer Replacement Rc-100-P

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