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How to use the bev by BLACK+DECKER® cocktail maker

Get your glass ready! Custom cocktails and mocktails are only a few steps away. Whether you’re unwinding alone on the couch or hosting family and friends, bev by BLACK+DECKER® lets you mix up any occasion™ with personalized drinks at the push of a button. 

Step 1. Load your liquor 

Insert the included straw into your liquor bottle of choice, ensuring the rubber stopper is snug in the bottle top. Then, lift the tab on the cocktail maker and slide the straw into the slot below the tab. Securely lower the tab, and you’re set. 

Step 2. Make a drink 

Insert your Bartesian® cocktail capsule* of choice into the capsule holder and then close the lid. Place your glass or shaker on the drip tray or glass shelf. Next, turn the dial to select your drink strength. Options include mocktail, light, regular, or strong. Then, press the MIX button. 

Step 3. Cheers to the moment™ and enjoy! 

See it in action!

Drink responsibly, 21+ 

*Bartesian® cocktail capsules sold separately