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DIY holiday snowflake

Skill Level: Intermediate | Estimated Time: 3 hours 

Step by Step Instructions 

Step 1. Measure Timber to Length 

Firstly, measure up 3 of your pieces of timber cut to an 800mm length. 

Step 2. Cut Pieces to Size 

Clamp the timber securely into position and cut the 3 pieces to size. 

Step 3. Measure + Mark the Center of Each Piece 

Measure up and make a pencil mark in the center of each piece of timber. This is to create the grooves that will allow you to slot the 3 pieces together. 

Step 4. Create the Cutting Outline for Each Groove 

The timber we used was 45mm wide. We measured to cut two 15mm(d) x 40mm(w) grooves into opposite sides of the first piece of timber. In the other 2 pieces of timber, we measured to cut a 30mm(d) x 40mm(w) groove. 

Step 5. Cut Out the Grooves 

Use your jigsaw with a timber cutting blade to carefully cut out the grooves in each of the 3 pieces of timber.

Step 6. Lay Out Pieces to Create Your Snowflake Frame 

You now have the timber to create your snowflake frame. Your centerpiece looks like an ‘H’ and the other 2 pieces will fit either side of this. 

Step 7. Mark Up Cutting Lines 

Using a pencil and ruler, mark up cutting lines at the end of each piece of timber. This will give the pointed edges to your snowflake. 

Step 8. Cut Along Pencil Lines 

Set your jigsaw to bevel cutting mode, and carefully cut along the pencil lines. You now have the decorative, pointed ends to the snowflake frame. 

Step 9. Assemble the Frame 

First place 1 piece of timber with a 30mm groove at the bottom with the groove facing upwards. Slot in the centerpiece, followed by the other piece of timber with the 30mm deep groove. 

Step 10. Fix the Pieces Together 

Using your drill/driver, fix the pieces together with a screw. 

Step 11. Create the ‘Star’ Centerpiece 

Using a compass, draw a circle with a radius of 20mm. Then, keeping your compass at the exact same width, draw 6 dots at equal spacing around the edge of the circle. Connect the dots with straight pencil lines to create the star shape. 

Step 12. Outline + Draw a Star on a Piece Timber 

Using a piece of timber, draw another star inside the outline to create a border effect with the same width as your frame. This gives you your inner and outer cutting lines for the star. 

Step 13. Drill a Hole Within the Inner Border of the Star 

Before you start to cut out the star, drill a hole within the insider border of the star to give you an easier start for the cutting.

Step 14. Cut Around the Inside Border of the Star 

Fix the timber into position with a trigger clamp. Then, use your jigsaw with a timber blade, to carefully cut around the inside border of the star. 

Step 15. Cut Around the Outside Border of the Star 

Then, cut around the outside border of the star with your jigsaw. 

Step 16. Smooth Edges of Star 

Use a detail sander to smooth the edges of your star. 

Step 17. Make the Decorative Snowflake ‘Arms’ 

You’ll need 12 pieces in total. Align the outside of the star with the corner of the plywood and draw around the inside of the star point. This will help you to draw cutter marks at the same length and width as the points of the star. Now align the star with the line you just drew. Repeat this 12 times. 

Step 18. Mark Lines At the End of Each Arm 

Use your rule to mark straight lines at the end of each arm, as you see in this picture. Then cut out all 12 pieces using your jigsaw. 

Step 19. Fix the Star + Snowflake Pieces to Frame 

It’s time to fix the star and snowflake pieces to your frame. 

Step 20. Secure Pieces to the Frame 

Use a pin hammer and pins to attach the pieces to the frame securely. Measure carefully with your ruler to make sure that the snowflake pieces are evenly spaced around the frame. 

Step 21. Add a Decorative Finish 

Now, it’s time to make the smaller star to add a decorative finish to the center piece. Using your compass, create a circle with a radius of 50mm and draw your star shape. 

Step 22. Use a Jigsaw to Cut Around the Edges 

Clamp the timber securely into position and carefully cut around the edges with your jigsaw. 

Step 23. Glue the Small Star to Your Snowflake 

Add the small star to the center of your snowflake with some wood glue. 

Step 24. Paint the Snowflake (optional) 

Paint the snowflake in a color of your choice, and you’ve finished!