Model No. BAPUV250 New

18 in. Air Purifier with UV Technology

Get rid of irritating pollen, harmful pollutants, viruses and bacteria, and pet dander with the multi-utility Air Purifier with UV Technology. Not only does this purifier remove over 98% of potentially harmful pollutants as small as 0.30 microns from your indoor space through an 8-stage filtration process, but it’s also engineered to be very easy to operate. 5 speed settings let you choose the level of filtration needed while a built-in Anion function takes indoor protection a step further by attaching negative ions to dust and allergens to remove them from the air. Made for use in large spaces, the odor eliminating Air Purifier delivers an average Clear Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 370 cfm— along with 380 for dust, 380 for pollen and a rating of 360 for second-hand smoke. Its UV technology activates to kill bacteria, mold spores, and dangerous airborne viruses and the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) display keeps you aware of the status of your air.

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Features + Benefits

  • ELIMINATE A RANGE OF AIR POLLUTANTS: Get rid of allergens, pollen, bacteria, dust mites, pet dander, gaseous pollutants, second-hand smoke, and odors with an average CADR of 370 cfm
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE 8-STAGE FILTRATION: A pre-filter, True HEPA filter (HEPA H13), an activated carbon filter, and a photo-catalyst filter remove 98.98% of harmful pollutants as small as 0.30 microns UV TECHNOLOGY: Filter up to 558 sq. ft. 5X per hour while ultra-violet light kills mold spores, bacteria, and viruses
  • FIRST-CLASS FUNCTIONALITY AND EASE OF USE: Portability with child lock, intuitive control panel, convenient remote control, 5 speed settings (auto, low, medium, high, and max), sleep and silent mode, shut-off timer, filter replacement indicator light, and a Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) display
  • A NECESSITY, NOT AN EXTRAVAGANCE: Anion function improves the quality of the air you breathe by forcing negative ions to attach to dust and allergens, removing them for your environment
Black And Decker - 18 in Air Purifier with UV Technology - BAPUV250

Product Specs

Dimensions 18-1/5 in. x 10-1/2 in. x 22 in. HxWxL
Package Dimensions 21-2/3 x 14-1/10 in. x 25-2/3 in.
Shipping Weight 33 lbs
Weight 28-2/3 lbs