Model No. 02095-CAN

Mega Tool Set

This mega tool set comes with everything a junior carpenter needs! Includes mechanical drill with realistic function, hard hat to help teach safety, and a variety of popular tools and accessories.

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Features + Benefits

  • Over 40 tools and accessories included
  • Pull the trigger on the drill and watch it spin with realistic action
  • Includes hard hat to help teach safety
  • Comes with other popular tools such as a wood saw, pliers, 2 different screwdrivers and a variety of wrenches
  • Ages 3+
Black and Decker - Mega Tool Set - 02095-CAN

Product Specs

# of Total Pieces 42
  • Drill x1
  • Helmet x1
  • Ruler x1
  • Pipe Wrench x1
  • Screwdriver x2
  • Pliers x1
  • Wood Saw x1
  • Wrench x1
  • 2-Hole Wood x2
  • Nails x4
  • Screws x10
  • Nuts x10
  • Hammer x1
  • Drill Bits x3