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18V MAX* Cordless Trimmer and Edger


  • 18V MAX* Cordless Trimmer and Edger
    • Two 18V MAX* NiCd battery packs double your run-time
    • High-performance gear drive transmission amplifies motor torque for increased cutting power
    • Instant-start trigger means no more pull cords
    • Two tools in one, it saves space and hassle
    • Lightweight and balanced design makes it easy to use
    • Adjustable handle and telescoping shaft allows you to fit the tool to your height
    • Automatic Feed Spool; System advances the cutting line as needed - no need to stop and bump
    • Precise edge guide ensures a clean finish along pavement
    • Battery is interchangeable with 7 other outdoor tools
  • Battery Qty Battery Qty:
    Charger Included Charger Included:
    Height Height:
    8.4 IN
    Length Length:
    7.8 IN
    Weight Weight:
    12.5 LB
    Width Width:
    41.5 IN
    Voltage Voltage:
    18 V


    (1) 18V 12" Cordless Trimmer / Edger. (1) 18V Battery Charger. (1) 2-18V Batteries # 244760-00

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