Model No. BD2736

Mini D-Handle Square Head Shovel

The Mini D-Handle Square Head Shovel is designed for efficient digging, moving, and lifting. Its compact size and specialized grip provide the ultimate leverage when kneeling low, making it the ideal choice when digging small holes for shrubs, moving mulch, or planting in tight spaces. This shovel features a comfortable, non-slip, D-handle grip and strong, lightweight fiberglass handle to hold up to any job with better leverage and less fatigue. The durable steel head is heat-treated for added strength, and the sharpened edges reduce the effort required when breaking up dirt and roots. For extra durability, the head is also coated in a rust-resistant paint, protecting it from corrosion. Thanks to its careful construction, this shovel is sure to endure long periods of use without discomfort to the user or lasting damage to the tool.

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Features + Benefits

  • Strong and lightweight, the shorter fiberglass handle and comfortable, non-slip D-handle grip provide added control
  • Compact size and added leverage make this shovel the perfect choice for digging in tight spaces or shaping smaller holes
  • The head of the shovel features a sharpened edge for easier digging and tearing of soil and roots
  • Durable heat-treated head is stronger than non-treated metals and holds up to tough jobs
  • Coated in a rust-resistant paint to prevent buildup and corrosion around the head
Black and Decker - Mini DHandle Square Head Shovel - BD2736

Product Specs