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Spillbuster Handheld Cordless Spill + Spot Cleaner


The BLACK+DECKER® spillbuster™ handheld cordless spill + spot cleaner is perfect picking up wet + chunky messes and scrubbing stains. It has an easy to clean removable collection bowl and is cordless.

  • From the makers of DUSTBUSTER, spillbuster handheld cordless spill + spot cleaner offers untouchable performance for untouchable messes.The spillbuster handheld cordless spill + spot cleaner is perfect for tackling pet messes, kid messes, and more. Pick up wet + chunky messes, scrub stains with scrub brush and formula dispenser, and easily clean the removable collection bowl, all with cordless convenience.
    • CORDLESS, PORTABLE DESIGN – Easy to maneuver and use on multiple surfaces around your home.
    • 3-STEP CLEANING – Simple-to-follow instructions ensure effective cleaning every time: vacuum, spray/scrub, empty and clean collection bowl.
    • FAST RESULTS – See results in 3 seconds or fewer when vacuuming wet, chunky messes.
    • POWERFUL SUCTION – Rechargeable battery supplies the suction and runtime you need for every task.
    • WIDE NOZZLE – For quick and thorough pickup of wet, chunky messes.
    • SCRUB BRUSH – Helps lift set-in stains out of upholstery, carpet, and rugs.
    • EASY-CLEAN COLLECTION BOWL – Fully opens for convenient washing in the sink and drying between uses.
    • BUILT-IN FORMULA DISPENSER – Clean up stains on carpet, rugs, and upholstery. Only for use with portable machine formula, like Resolve Portable Machine Spot plus Stain Formula (sold separately).
    • DISHWASHER-SAFE PARTS – Both the collection bowl and vacuum nozzle are dishwasher safe. Remove the foam filter before use in the dishwasher, and place the vacuum nozzle on the top rack only.
    • BATTERY INDICATOR – Know how much battery power is left to finish the job.
  • Battery Included Battery Included:
    Cordless vs Corded Cordless vs Corded:
    No. of Batteries Required No. of Batteries Required:
    Power Type Power Type:
    Product Application Product Application:
    Height Height:
    8.313 IN
    Length Length:
    18.063 IN
    Weight Weight:
    5.1 LB
    Width Width:
    6.2 IN
    Watt Hours Watt Hours:


    (1) Bhsb315J Spillbuster Spill + Spot Cleaner| (1) Bhsbf30 Manual Brushes (Replaceable)(1)Bhsbf10 Foam Filter (Replaceable)| Charger

Products Made Easy By Design™

Handle messes of any kind

Markings on upholstery, rugs or carpet will be removed by the effective scrub brush.

Effortlessly operate

Strong suction of the vacuum does the work for you by lifting wet or substantial messes, and with minimal effort, you can fully open the collection bowl to wash and dry it.

Handheld cordless design

From pet hair to children spills, this convenient cleaner is easy to move around and will get your home back to clean.

Battery life

Stay informed on how much battery is left before your next charge from a conveniently located indicator.

Easily wash

Collection bowl and nozzle on the vacuum can be put in the dishwasher to keep your Spillbuster™ like new.

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