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Roller Sleeve 3/4" Nap Perforated


  • Apply paint like a pro—and twice as fast as conventional rollers—with the BLACK+DECKER® BDPR1034 perforated roller cover. The 9-inch-long roller cover features a 3/4-inch-thick nap and durable perforated core that delivers paint precisely and evenly to smooth and semi-smooth surfaces. For use with all latex- and oil-based paints, including one-coat paints. The BDPR1034 is designed for the Black & Decker pivoting rapid roller, but it can be used on most other paint-stick systems that require a perforated roller cover.
    • 9 In. perforated roller cover - 3/4 In. nap for smooth & semi-smooth surfaces
    • Works with the RapidRoller And other paint roller systems that require perforated rollers
    • Polyester blend, for a clean, smooth finish
    • Easy to clean and reuse, for future painting projects
    • Non-shed roller, less fuzz on your wall
    Height Height:
    2.9 IN
    Length Length:
    2.9 IN
    Weight Weight:
    0.1 LB
    Width Width:
    10.0 IN


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