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5Pc Pry Bar Set


This 5 piece set by BLACK+DECKER® is durable and contains pry bars in various sizes so you can complete home projects or tasks while you're on the go.  Sizes included are: 15" Flat Bar, 14" Hex Wrecking Bar, 12" Flat Bar, 9" Scraper Car, 7.5" Flat Bar.

  • The BLACK+DECKER® 5pc Pry Bar Set is a versatile set, great for handling a variety of different jobs. The forged-steel bars are strong and durable, while the wide assortment of Pry Bars will help you tackle a variety of projects.
    • DURABLE: One-piece steel construction for strength and durability
    • PRECISION SHARPENED ENDS: Makes prying away materials easy
    • VERSATILE: Wide asssortment of pry bars to help you tackle various projects
    • NAIL REMOVAL: Tear-drop nail pullers to help with nail removal
    Height Height:
    2.8 IN
    Length Length:
    15.3 IN
    Weight Weight:
    6.4 LB
    Width Width:
    12.1 IN
    Watt Hours Watt Hours:


    15" Flat Bar. 14" Hex Wrecking Bar. 12" Flat Bar. 9" Scraper Car. 7.5" Flat Bar

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