HF1 Replacement Filter For 1-1/3 gal Ultrasonic Humidifier (2 PK)

HF1 Replacement Filter For 1-1/3 gal Ultrasonic Humidifier (2 PK)

  • SOFTEN WATER AND REDUCE CALCIUM BUILDUP: Humidifier filter helps continuously deliver impurity-free moisture
  • HELPS KEEP YOUR HUMIDIFIER CLEAN while also keeping you air quality clean
  • DESIGNED TO EXTEND THE LIFE OF YOUR HUMIDIFIER: Comes with 2 filters for up to 1 year of use— it is suggested that each filter be replaced every 6 months
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Built for use with 1-1/3 gal. Ultrasonic Humidifiers, these HF1 Replacement Filters deliver performance and reliability in a pack of 2 for up to 1 year of clean moisture. It is recommended to replace your cool mist humidifier filter every 6 months. These filters are engineered to soften water and reduce calcium build up to consistently provide healthy air vapor. Easily clean and set up the washable filters, which were designed to be low-maintenance for convenience.

Additional Features

  • EASILY RINSE AND REUSE FOR UP TO 6 MONTHS per filter— wash by rinsing with warm water when you refill the humidifier tank


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