40 Gallon Dual Chamber Tumbler Composter

40 Gallon Dual Chamber Tumbler Composter

Turn food scraps and yard waste into nutrient-rich compost soil with the BLACK+DECKER Tumbler Composter. Tumble the compost barrel with minimal effort. The built-in, large handle with gear system makes it easy and efficient. Don't get caught without compost. The dual chamber allows you to add compost ingredients to one side while letting the other side cure. Our Tumbler Composter accelerates the decomposition process by aerating the soil with the built-in mixing bars, giving you finished compost soil in weeks in ideal conditions.


  • EASY TO USE: Large, built-in handle with gear system requires minimal effort to turn the barrel
  • ACCELERATED PROCESS: Internal mixing bars aerate material while spinning to help accelerate decomposition
  • ALWAYS HAVE COMPOST: With two chambers, you can add ingredients to one side while letting the other side decompose
  • FAST COMPOSTING: Aerating vents help promote fast composting with air flow
  • SIMPLE TO LOAD: Two sliding doors make it easy to load and unload
  • DURABLE: Frame and barrel are made of materials to help withstand the elements.
  • PEST PREVENTION: Barrel sits 1.5 ft. off the ground to help prevent pests from getting into your composter.


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