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Latest Articles

  • DIY Home Projects

    How to Clean Your Vacuum

    Keeping your vacuum filters clean is vital to getting top performance and suction every time you vacuum your home.

  • Seasonal DIY Projects

    Jewelry Organizer

    Skill Level: Intermediate | Estimated Time: 5 hours

    No more tangled necklaces! Build this functional and decorative jewelry organization unit to hang up in your bedroom, bathroom, or closet.

  • Kitchen + Dining

    Overhead Pot Rack

    Skill Level: Intermediate | Estimated Time: 5 hours

    An overhead pot rack is a convenient way to keep your cooking equipment at the ready.

  • Kitchen + Dining

    How to Make Wood Pallet Wine Shelving

    Skill Level: Intermediate | Estimated Time: 3 hours

    Complete with a handy rack for hanging wine glasses, this wine shelving is simple to make and looks great on your wall, too.

  • Storage Ideas

    DIY Coat Hanger

    Skill Level: Beginner | Estimated Time: 2 hours

    Build this cozy coat hook to organize the winter-wear clutter as the weather gets chilly.

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