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BLACK+DECKER B+D Contributor 186 Projects

Clear up cabinet space by displaying your most frequently used spices in convenient racks on your kitchen wall. Opt for a modern design with coordinating jars for spices, or stain a series of simple wood shelves a bright color to accent the room. By installing shelves vertically in a column on a narrow wall or on the backsplash space between your cabinets and countertops, you can add function to an otherwise wasted surface.

How to Install a Kitchen Spice Rack

  1. Kitchen Spice Rack 03

    Determine the approximate height of your spice rack, or lowest shelf in this example, by holding the unit against the wall and marking its top edge with a small piece of painter's tape at both ends.

    If you're centering your spice rack on the wall, first measure the width of the wall and mark the exact center by penciling in a dot before taping off your height.

  2. Kitchen Spice Rack 04

    Most spice racks and shelves come with pre-drilled holes or metal mounting hardware on the back of the unit. Measure the distance between these two holes, measuring from the center of each hole for accuracy.

    If you're using the BLACK+DECKER ACCU-MARK™ 36 in. Level, you'll find that adjusting the sliding ACCU-MARK™ targets allows you to quickly find the center of the holes and transfer the measurement accurately onto the wall.

  3. Kitchen Spice Rack 05

    Hold the level against the wall so its top edge is aligned with the pieces of painter's tape. Adjust the level as needed until the bubble indicates perfect level. Make a small pencil dot in the center of each ACCU-MARK™ target. If you're centering your spice rack on the wall, be sure to space the ACCU-MARK™ targets equally on either side of the center mark you made earlier.

  4. Kitchen Spice Rack 06

    Use drywall anchors to reinforce the mounting screws for the rack or shelves. Do not use screws alone, which can easily pull out of drywall or plaster. If you're installing a heavy spice rack or cabinet or large shelves, position the unit where you can drive the mounting screws into wall studs, or use heavy-duty toggle bolts with compatible hanging hardware.

    To install screw-in type drywall anchors (suitable for lightweight units and small shelves), drill a ¼" pilot hole at each pencil dot, using your BLACK+DECKER 8V MAX* Cordless Lithium Drill. Then, use the drill to screw in the drywall anchors until they are flush to the wall.

  5. Kitchen Spice Rack 07

    Drive two 1" screws into the drywall anchors, stopping just before the heads are flush to the anchors, to leave space for fitting on the mounting hardware. Hang the spice rack or shelf by aligning the holes on the mounting hardware with the heads of the screws.

    If you're installing multiple shelves, first determine the vertical distance required between each shelf, to allow easy removal of jars. Holding the level vertically, adjust the ACCU-MARK™ targets to this measurement, with one target centered on your original mounting mark and the other at the new measured distance above or below it. Mark the height of the new shelf. Reposition the level horizontally until the bubble indicates level, and mark the two mounting-screw locations for the new shelf.

    Repeat this method to pencil in the mounting marks for each additional shelf. Follow the previous steps to complete the installation of a neat column of shelves to display your collection of spices and extracts.