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How to Install Recessed Lighting

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How to Install Recessed Ceiling Lights

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    If you are installing multiple lights, measure out from the wall at the start and end of the run, and connect them with a chalkline snapped parallel to the wall.

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    Housings for new construction (or remodeling installations where the installation area is fully accessible from either above or below) have integral hanger bars that you attach to the each joist in the joist bay.

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    Multiple lights are generally installed in series so there is no need to make pigtail connections in the individual boxes. Make sure to leave enough extra cable at each location to feed the wire into the housing and make the connection.

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    Run the feeder cables into the electrical boxes attached to the canister housings. You’ll need to remove knockouts first and make sure to secure the cable with a wire staple within 8" of the entry point to the box.

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    Twist the hot lead together with the black fixture wire, as well as the black lead to other fixtures further downline. Also connect the neutral white wires. Join the ground wires and pigtail them to the grounding screw or clip in the box. Finish the ceiling, as desired.

  6. HI0559can06

    Normally, these are hung with torsion spring clips from notches or hooks inside the canister. This should be done after the ceiling is installed and finished for new construction projects. With certain types of trim kits, such as eyeball trim, you’ll need to install the light bulb before the trim kit.

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