Holiday DIY Projects

Holiday DIY Projects

Freestanding Photo Booth

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BLACK+DECKER B+D Contributor 186 Projects

No holiday party is complete without snapping a few selfies in this easy freestanding photo booth. You can finish the base in just a few hours, leaving you plenty of time to decorate your booth before guests arrive. Plus, the hinged panels make storage a cinch: Simply remove your decorations, fold and you’re done — post-party cleanup has never been easier!

How to Make a Freestanding Photo Booth

  1. Holiday Photo Booth03

    Use your BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX* 5-½ in. Circular Saw to cut the following pieces:

    • (2) pieces 24" x 72" MDF board
    • (1) piece 48" x 72" MDF board
    • (8) pieces 1 x 4 lumber; 21" long
    • (4) pieces 1 x 4 lumber; 45" long 
    • (6) pieces 1 x 2 wood shims; 72" long

  2. Holiday Photo Booth04

    Line up a 72" wood shim under the 72" edge of the 48" MDF board and secure it evenly in four places with wood screws using your BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX* Lithium Drill/Driver with AutoSense™ Technology. Because the MDF panel is thin, when framing in the center and side panels be sure to drive screws from the MDF side into the wood for a secure hold.  Repeat on the other side.

  3. Holiday Photo Booth05

    Space two of the 45" pieces (the braces) along the top and bottom edge and space the two remaining pieces evenly in the center. Secure the braces with wood glue and reinforce with wood screws where the ends meet the wood shims.

  4. Holiday Photo Booth06

    Line up the remaining 72" wood shims under each 72" edge of the 24" MDF boards and secure with wood screws, four per shim. Space four of the 21" braces on each panel: two along the top and bottom edges, two spaced evenly in the center of each board. Secure the pieces with wood glue and reinforce with wood screws where the ends meet the wood shims.

  5. Holiday Photo Booth07

    Lay the panels MDF-side up with the largest panel in the center. Keep the edges flush along the top and bottom of all three sections with lengthwise edges touching. Space three hinges evenly along the two seams between the 24" panel and the 48" panels.  Secure with included hardware or wood screws.

  6. Holiday Photo Booth08

    Opt for finishing your photo booth with blackboard paint, this way you can quickly customize the backdrop to the season or event and wipe it down before tucking it away. Brush on a thin layer of blackboard paint and allow it to dry before adding another coat. If you're pressed for time, use a sponge roller to cover area more quickly. Allow the paint to dry completely before drawing a whimsical design or text with chalk.

  7. Holiday Photo Booth09

    Your folding photo booth is almost ready to party — now it’s time to dress it up! Add chalk drawings, presents, and holiday cheer. 

    Station your freestanding photo booth against a wall. Style it with a small table of props, masks and selfie sticks to encourage party-goers to snap a few pictures. When the party is over, simply remove remove decorations, fold it up, and tuck it away in a garage or basement until your next get-together.

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