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DIY Grill Sign

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BLACK+DECKER B+D Contributor 186 Projects

Build this simple sign to keep your grilling tools + utensils at arms-reach while you grill. Eliminate multiple trips indoors for tools you forgot. The knobs are decorative, but very practical. And the sign adds a homey and personal touch to your deck, porch, or patio!

How to Make a DIY Grill Sign + Utensil Storage

  1. Using stencils (or if you are brave, free-hand it) to trace and then paint your desired message on the sign. Allow paint to fully dry before proceeding.

  2. Grill Sign Stencil

    Mark the 3 locations where you plan to attach your 3 knobs/hooks to the sign. To hang them in an even line, use a ruler or tape measure to ensure that they are level.

  3. Grill Sign Screw Hooks

    Now that you’ve marked the location of the holes, using the 12V MAX* Cordless Lithium Drill/Driver and a drill bit that is 1 size down from your screws, drill your 3 pilot holes.

  4. Use the 12V MAX* Cordless Lithium Drill/Driver to screw in your decorative knobs. You will need to flip the board over, drilling the screw through the backside of the board just until it pokes through to the front side. Then, firmly holding the knob in place, use the drill to complete the job and secure the knob.

  5. Grill Sign Hang

    Attach 2 d-rings to the back of your grill sign using the 12V MAX* Cordless Lithium Drill/Driver and 2 screws. Install 2 nails on the fence/wall you will be hanging the sign. Hook the d-rings onto the nails and enjoy!

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