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DIY Bar Cart

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BLACK+DECKER B+D Contributor 186 Projects

Impress your dinner guests by constructing a versatile bar/drink cart. From a handy cart for crafting happy hour cocktails to a mobile dessert bar for wheeling out at parties, this industrial bar cart on wheels is both functional and stylish.

How to Build a DIY Bar/Drink Cart

  1. DIY Bar Cart 03

    Choose a length of wood panel that best suits the size of your space. If constructing a bar cart for a small area, you might consider cutting larger panels of wood in half to create a narrow cart that won't take up precious square footage.

    Prep the wood shelf pieces by sanding all surfaces and edges with your BLACK+DECKER MOUSE® Detail Sander and 120-grit sandpaper. If using edge-glued material for your bar cart’s shelves, be sure the boards are flat and not cracked.

  2. DIY Bar Cart 04

    On a protected work surface, brush on your choice of wood stain to all sides of the three wood planks, then wipe off excess stain with a rag in the direction of the wood grain. Allow the stain to dry overnight before applying two or three coats of polyurethane to properly seal the wood from spills and make cleanups a breeze.

    Complete the next step while waiting for the final coat of polyurethane to dry — at least 24 hours, depending on your formula.

  3. DIY Bar Cart 05

    Remove any stickers, grease or dust from all pipe components with soapy water and a rag. Screw a pipe flange onto both ends of each 12" long pipe piece and tighten them. These are the bar cart's shelf spacers. Stand up all of the spacers to make sure their heights match, ensuring the shelves of your bar cart will be level.

    Create the bar cart handles by first screwing the four threaded elbows into the remaining four flanges. Screw in the 10" pipe pieces between each set of elbows until snug and both pipe flanges can stand flat on your work surface.

  4. DIY Bar Cart 06

    Place the first shelf flat on your work surface. Mark a 1" pencil line parallel to each side's edge at each corner of the shelf.

    Position a shelf spacer over the marks so the lines are centered inside the holes of the spacer's pipe flange. Secure the spacer with four wood screws, using your BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX* Lithium 2-Speed Drill/Driver.

    Follow the same process to install the remaining three shelf spacers.

  5. DIY Bar Cart 07

    On the second shelf, mark 1" pencil guidelines from each edge at the corners, as in the previous step. Flip the first shelf upside down (shelf spacers sticking down) and place it on top of the second shelf piece. Center the spacers' flange holes over the 1" marks, and secure each flange with four ½" screws.

  6. DIY Bar Cart 08

    Add the final shelf of the bar cart by first securing the four remaining shelf spacers to the top of the second shelf, then flipping the entire unit upside down (spacers sticking down) and securing the pipe flanges to the last shelf.

  7. DIY Bar Cart 09

    Determine which end of your bar cart will be the bottom, then mark 1" guidelines on each corner, as with the shelf spacers. Center the mounting hardware of the casters onto the guidelines before securing them with ½" wood screws. If you'd like to add any additional hooks for mugs or dishcloths underneath the first or second shelves, do so now before flipping the unit right side up again.

  8. DIY Bar Cart 10

    Flip your bar cart right side up for the final step. Center the handles on each side of the cart, with the flange holes at least 1" from the edges, and secure them with ½" wood screws.

  9. DIY Bar Cart 01

    Stock your bar cart with your favorite libations and mixers for guests to help themselves. You can also store glassware, cocktail garnishes and mixology books on the shelves for easy access.

    TIP: This cart can be much more than a mobile bar. Use it as a bedside table, a laptop and printer station, or a coffee station in your kitchen. The possibilities are endless.