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Spring Yard Care 101

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Follow these spring lawn care tips for the perfect lawn this spring!

1. Water your flowers early in the morning to avoid the heat of the day, while giving our lawn all day to dry. This prevents mildew and fungus from growing.

watering lawn

2. Mow 1/3 of the length of grass at a time. Cutting anymore than 1/2 can damage your grass and stunt growth. Wait 2-3 days to cut again if it gets too tall.

3. In a normal year, 60% of grass growth comes during 6 weeks in spring. 

4. Keep mower blades sharp! Dull mower blades tear grass and cause it to lose more water. This leaves grass vulnerable.

Hedge and Trimming Basics

Hedge Trimmiing

5. Stick to the 1/3 rule pruning no more than 1/3 of growth at a time.

6. Clip inner branches of trees and hedges to promote healthy growth.

7. Each year poor pruning kills more plants than pests!

8. Watch out for baby birds! Especially in the spring, keep an eye out for nesting birds when trimming.

9. Keep string trimmers at a 5-10 degree angle for an even cut.

10. Keep clippings from string trimmer out of storm drain - they can affect rainwater going to local streams.

Safety First

11. Wear eye protection and long clothing to protect from debris when trimming with any outdoor tool. 

protective grear

12.. Keep people and pets 100 feet away from outdoor tools in use!

house and dog