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Recycled Wood American Flag DIY

Happy Red, White, and Blue Season!

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Today, I'm sharing How to Make a Recycled Wood American Flag.

I built this Recycled Wood American Flag from the roof of my kids' old playhouse (no worries...they were fully aware of my intentions!). It went together quickly and was a fun little project. I've got the full tutorial (including paint details) below.

20V MAX Drill

This awesome new BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX* lightweight, lithium cordless drill/driver made this project a breeze.

Kids Old Play House

As I mentioned above, this recycled wood American Flag was made from the roof of my kids' old playscape. We loved this sweet set, but a hail storm tore it up a couple of years ago, and we ended up dismantling it shortly after. We kept the two roof sections... I really wanted to make something with them. Two years later... I finally did! ;)

How to Make a Recycled Wood American Flag

Pull Apart Roofing Boards

I pulled apart the roofing boards with the backwards setting on the BLACK+DECKER drill. I love how lightweight this drill is. Made this job super fast. I didn't want the roofing-look overlap, which is why I took this apart to rebuild it flat.

Pieces Taken Apart

Pieces taken apart and ready to go back together...just slightly differently. I ended up only using six of the eight boards for the flag. I also recycled the 2-2x4's as well as all of the screws.

Cut the 2x4s

I cut the 2x4's since I used a couple of less boards.

Lay the boards back on the shorter 2x4s

I laid the boards back on the shorter 2x4's. I didn't use all of the same holes... I wanted the flag to look very weathered and barnwood-ish. Leaving a few holes empty helped with that.

Drill the Boards

I used the same old screws and drilled the boards (this time flat) into the 2x4's at each end. Again, the work was lickety split with this new BLACK+DECKER drill.

Paint All Over with White Chalk Paint

I started painting the piece all over with white chalk paint. I used vinyl stars and painted over them with the same white...to seal them since these boards were so bumpy.

Simple Blue Milk Paint Over Star Area

Once the white was dried, I did a simple blue milk paint over the star area. I did tape the off the blue section to make it easier.

Paint Every Other Board with Red Paint

I did every other board with red milk paint.

Sand the Entire Piece

Then I sanded the entire piece to age it a bit.

Use Dark Wax to Deepend the Aging

Then I used dark wax to deepen the aging.

Natural Colored Wax

I used natural-colored wax to pull the darker wax off in some areas to make the aging seem more natural.

Sealed Piece

The waxes also seal the piece, so it doesn't wear too much outdoors.

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