Must Haves for New Cat Owners

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DIY Home Projects

5 Must Haves for New Cat Owners

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Adopting a cat is exciting and rewarding, and these 5 must-haves for new cat owners will get you ready for all of the fun and surprises ahead.

There will be smiles, there will be laughs, and there will be shedding and the occasional mess, but stocking up on these items will make life with your feline friend all about the smiles while keeping the messes manageable.


An automatic cat feeder saves you time and helps with keeping your cat on the diet your veterinarian recommends. Just set the feeder for when and how much your cat should eat. Leaving a full bowl on the floor all day can lead to over-eating and unhealthy weight gain, so an automatic feeder is a smart alternative for you and your cat.

You’ll want to speak with your vet about a proper feeding schedule because kittens, adult cats, and seniors have different dietary needs, but the automatic cat feeder will help you keep your cat on schedule every day.


Most cats love to climb and scratch, and a cat tree gives them the perfect outlet for all of that energy. Go big with a multi-level cat condo, or keep the cat furniture simple with a scratching post wrapped in sisal rope. The important thing is to make sure your cat has a place to climb, sleep, and scratch that is all hers.

A cat tree is the perfect place to hide treats and toys before you leave for the day so that your cat can find a tasty or fun surprise while you are away at work. Placing a cat condo near a window gives your cat a place to stretch out in the sun and watch birds and other wildlife throughout the day.


A cat litter box is probably one of the first things on your list, but it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the wide range of options available these days. Just about any style of litter box from a simple open pan to an automated self-cleaning litter box will get the job done, but there are a few things to consider when making a choice that works for the both of you.

Many cat owners prefer a hooded litter box. The hood helps to reduce the release of litter odor, and it also helps to keep the litter inside the box when cats cover their mess. You may also want to consider separate litter boxes if you have multiple cats or a large home. Use a litter pan liner to make frequent litter changes much easier.


With cats, the litter box is the primary source of unwanted odors. A high-quality pet odor eliminator effectively removes the unwanted scent from the air without simply covering it up with an equally offensive smell of perfume.

Look for products that promise to neutralize pet odors and use them near the litter box. Some hooded litter boxes even feature a refillable odor absorber compartment. Frequent raking and changing of the litter is of course essential to keeping the odor down.


Cats bathe themselves, but you’ll still need to clean up after them. Fur in the carpet and on upholstery, litter granules around the litter box, and even the occasional spilled food bowl or other messes call for a pet specific vacuum cleaner like the BLACK+DECKER™ dustbuster® Pet Hand Vacuum.

The BLACK+DECKER dustbuster® Pet Hand Vacuum features a motorized pet head for grabbing stubborn pet hair from carpet and upholstery. Lithium ion technology gives it stronger suction to help pick up even big messes like food and litter. Plus, an on-board crevice tool and push-in brush give you a deeper level of clean while an easy-empty dustbin allows you to dump dirt and pet hair without having to touch the mess. 

Get your home ready for your new cat by stocking up on these cat-owner essentials. Pretty soon, you’ll be a feline expert, too.