Outdoor Projects

Outdoor Projects

How to Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Home

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Curb appeal is the instant impression your home makes from the exterior – from cozy and inviting to elegant and formal. Every realtor knows that curb appeal is vital to getting potential buyers through the door, but it’s not just about what strangers think. Giving the front of your home a little TLC makes it a more welcoming place to invite friends and come home to for you and your family. Best of all, it doesn’t take much time or money to make a big difference in your home’s polish factor. Here are some great ideas for easy projects that can transform a house from homely to homey in no time.

It’s all in the details

Sprucing up the aesthetics of your home’s exterior by updating fixtures and adding smart details is a great place to start your mini transformation. If your windows have shutters, make sure they are all hanging straight, in good repair, and freshly painted.  Shutters are also great place to put a little color to liven up the look of your home.

Updating the light fixtures by the front door or porch can give your home a welcoming look at night – and even deter intruders. And if those house numbers have been around since your home was built, swapping in something more stylish is about as easy as it comes.

Small decorative touches like the star we added on this home not only provide some polish, they also let you express your personality and passions.  

Quick projects like these require only basic tools. For projects like making repairs, mounting fixtures, or adding shutters to the exterior of your home, a hammer drill like the BLACK+DECKER 6 Amp ½ in. Hammer Drill can make the task much easier. It’s designed for drilling into concrete or bricks, yet is compact and easy to use.

A little lawn care goes a long way

A neat, well-maintained yard is another key to curb appeal. Getting your yard in order starts with trimming any overgrown or shaggy looking hedges. With a multi-purpose trimming tool like our 20 in. SAWBLADE™ Electric Hedge Trimmer, you can get a clean and formal look or a natural but well maintained shape. The SAWBLADE™ feature lets you also trim small branches and dead tree limbs to open up your yard.  Once the trimming is done, weed and tidy your garden beds, clear out any debris and put down a fresh layer of mulch.

Adding a splash of color

Finally, adding flowers is practically a must, providing lively color, a focal point for the eye, and a sense of freshness. Consider any planters on the porch. Remove them if they’re in poor condition, or simply give them a fresh coat of paint, and load them up with colorful flowers and foliage.

If you’re feeling more ambitious, add a garden bed where you can grow flowers, edibles, and more. This garden bed can be along the front of your house, or consider adding them on the side of walkways and driveways.

It doesn’t take a major home renovation or landscaping project to transform the curb appeal of your home. And whether you’re planning to sell your home or want to impress the neighbors, BLACK+DECKER has what you need to make curb appeal an easy proposition.