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How to Easily Clean a Glass Shower Door Soap Scum

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BLACK+DECKER B+D Contributor 3 Articles

Glass shower doors create an open, clean feel in the bathroom, but not when there's an unattractive buildup of hard water stains and soap scum. These types of stains can leave permanent damage and etching on the glass. To avoid this problem, keep things crystal-clean with a few simple tips.

How to Easily Clean a Glass Shower Door/Soap Scum

Wipe It Down

To reduce post-shower buildup, wipe down your shower walls and glass door with a microfiber cloth or other soft rag after each shower.

A quick wipe down is all you need, then just hang the rag to dry.

Use the Right Tool for the Job

Even if you follow every tip for a clean shower door, it will still need an occasional deep cleaning. The BLACK+DECKER Powered Squeegee Vacuum is an ideal tool for the job.

Simply charge the vacuum’s lithium battery and fill the tank with your favorite glass cleaning solution. Use the squeegee’s built-in spray to release cleaning solution onto the glass while you squeegee it clean. It's a one-step, streak-free way to remove grime from your glass shower door.

Try a New Soap

If you use the classic bar soap in your glass shower, consider the alternatives. With a few exceptions, traditional bar soaps contain talc powder, which is known to leave behind a film of residue and soap scum on your shower door — and on you.

Switch to glycerin-based soap bars, liquid soaps or body washes to keep soap scum to a minimum. You and your shower will both look and feel cleaner.

Visit the Auto Parts Store

There are many water-repelling products available for treating car windshields. These window treatments encourage water to bead up and run off of a car's windshield when driving in the rain, and they'll do the same thing on your glass shower door.

Spray a coating of water repellent to keep your shower door clean, according to the repellent manufacturer's directions, and reapply once a month or so for ongoing protection.