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How to Deep Clean Your Kitchen

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Confession time!  Life with a toddler, a full time job and a life can be crazy – especially around the holidays. So my kitchen cleaning sometimes gets away from me.  The truth is, my kitchen often looks like this:

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Despite being a home blogger, my kitchen is often NOT ready for its close up.  So when it gets really bad, I kick Daddy and baby out of the house and roll up my sleeves.  Out comes the cleaning arsenal (galvanized bucket optional but highly recommended!) for a serious deep clean.

I start by putting everything away.  Having a place for everything behind closed doors is so important when you have a small kitchen.  Moving on I vacuum everything that doesn’t move with a handheld vac.   Getting all of the crumbs and dust out of the way keeps from moving the same old dirt around. 

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Next up I tackle whatever areas need the most attention – in today’s case the stove top and the sink where especially sad looking after the previous night’s dinner of homemade tomato sauce and pasta. 

Since I have a toddler, I try to avoid using chemicals as much as possible so I really love the handheld steamer attachment in the 2 in 1 steam mop.  Using it, I loosen as much grime as possible, do a little scrubbing and finish up with a final steam for disinfecting purposes before buffing with a dry cloth. 

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Once the problem areas were tackled, I finish with a final top to bottom wipe down of all the cabinets and appliances.  A little special attention is paid to the reflective surfaces like glass knobs and nickel hardware for shine.

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Completely optional but I like to finish up with some fresh fruit, clean dishtowels and a little life in the form of a plant or flowers. If there is a time a cup of coffee and a 5 minute break to take it in is perfect right about then. Now if it would just stay this way forever!

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