Storage Ideas

Garage Storage Techniques

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Take charge of your garage real estate by organizing the space into an efficient, well-equipped version of itself. Add a few cabinets, shelves and pegboards, then wrangle extra storage out of narrow, unused spaces and you're on your way to a garage that has room for everything — including the car.

Simple Garage Storage Techniques

Sort Your Stuff


Before devising the ultimate organization system, get a sense of your inventory to see exactly what you have. Set sports gear in one area, hand tools in another, garden supplies in yet another area. Designate separate areas of the garage as storage zones for specific items.

Keep the lawnmower and garden tools in an area that’s more accessible, and the holiday decorations tucked away as you need them less frequently. As you're looking through everything, take advantage of the opportunity to reduce clutter, donating or discarding any items you no longer use or need. Lightening your load is half the storage battle!

Crafty Cabinets


Cabinets not only provide space for stashing small items out of the way; they also keep things relatively clean and out of sight. There are plenty of options when it comes to garage cabinets. You can repurpose old kitchen cabinets or invest in a full slat-style wall system that allows you to customize the unit with special hardware.

Open-shelf cabinets offer speedy access to items you use frequently. As an upcycle project, use old wooden crates as cabinet-style shelving for a rustic look. Your garage may benefit from a work space, too: Start with one or more large kitchen base cabinets or even a bathroom vanity. Top them with plywood, lumber boards or a salvaged countertop to create a workbench with storage underneath.

Pegboard Paradise


Pegboards are a classic system for controlling clutter in the garage. They provide space to hang hand tools and other odds and ends that would otherwise take up valuable drawer or counter space.

Hang pegboard panels directly over exposed wall studs using a cordless drill/driver. Or, if drywall is already installed, build a shallow frame to back the pegboard out of 1 x 2's before hanging the panels; this is to create space for the hooks between the board and the wall. Hang a pegboard next to a wall-mounted cabinet or your workbench for a handy place to keep screwdrivers, hammers and scissors.

Think Vertically


A wire rack system, a garage version of a closet organizing unit, is a completely customizable storage solution, thanks to vertical standards or strips that hold shelving and other accessories. Some systems include tracks and clips for lawn + garden tools, plus wire bins and shelves for everything else.

Install a wire rack system by mounting the horizontal tracks and vertical standards to wall studs, using a drill/driver.

Up + Away


Look to the ceiling for more unclaimed storage space. Prevent bikes from crowding the floor with an inexpensive hoist or pulley system that mounts to a ceiling joist. Or you can go old-school and install C-style bicycle hooks to a ceiling joist after drilling pilot holes using your drill/driver.

Add ceiling-mounted wire racks in a central location or install them around the perimeter of the ceiling. These are great for occasionally used seasonal items, like tents, tarps and the cooler. Lightweight rack systems attach easily to many ceiling joists, or you can opt for more elaborate versions to hold large, heavy objects. Ladders need storage love, too – install large hooks or a ladder pulley system to keep them safely out of your way until you need them.

Make sure any overhead storage doesn't interfere with the garage door or block the path of your car, and make sure stored items are above head level or out of traffic areas – many a head has collided with an upside down bike seat.