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Five Tips for No-Fuss Cleanups

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BLACK+DECKER B+D Contributor 3 Articles

Life is full of unexpected messes. But you can clean anything life throws at you in seconds when you have the ideal tool within reach. That’s why hand vacuums are becoming the new “it” home accessory. With so many different kinds available and able to handle everything from spilled milk to pet hair, cordless hand vacuums are now the essential way to speed clean-ups.

Famously powerful, light, and easy to use, dustbuster® cordless hand vacuums are the #1 choice - Amazon’s, too!

Here's why:

Dustbusters Slash Cleaning Time for Everyday Messes

Life can get messy any time, any place. Snacks spill, cat litter strays, and kids are kids. But with a versatile and powerful hand vacuum at the ready, messes disappear as fast as they happen.


Dustbusters Capture Liquid Spills Faster and with Less Residue

Today, having a wet/dry hand vacuum on hand in the kitchen, car, or living room is a must. With a multipurpose wet/dry cordless vacuum nearby, sloppy messes vanish before you can say “coffee stain.” Just remove the filter, empty the bowl and you’re ready for the next liquid disaster.


Dustbusters are Unbeatable for Pet Messes

You love your pets, and your upholstery loves pet hair. One of the best things you can do for your sanity is to invest in a hand vacuum designed specifically for pet hair. Not only can it go anywhere from car seats to carpets, it will also have the unique features you need to remove stubborn hair. The dustbuster® pet vacuums feature a specialized no-tangle beater bar that helps to pick up pet hair quickly and thoroughly.


Dustbusters are a Welcome Stowaway

With everything that ends up on the floor and between the seats of your car, keeping a cordless vacuum in your vehicle is essential. It gets in, under, and around the nooks and crannies to pick up all the dirt, cereal, or whatever else you find, so your car stays pristine.


Dustbusters are a Cook’s Best Friend

Kitchen messes don’t stop at the counter. They happen in cabinets, behind the fridge, and under the high chair. That’s why every kitchen needs a versatile, compact dustbuster® hand vacuum at the ready.