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Top 7 DIYs to do with Dad this Father’s Day

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Father’s Day gift guides flood the Internet right now, but the best gift of all is peace and quiet -- plus a cool project that you can build with your own two hands. Get inspired and check out these awesome project ideas that are perfect for you and Dad (because he doesn’t need another tie).

1.       Construct a backyard fire pit


When Dad can’t make it out to the campground, he’ll have a place all his own to build a fire, drink a cold one, and throw some brats on the grill. Read this post on how to build a fire pit.

2.       Assemble Dad’s workout space


Has Dad’s new gym equipment been in the box since Christmas? Give him a hand; assemble and/or tidy his workout space. It’ll give him the motivation to get back on the bike and ride.

3.       Build a garden trellis for the green thumb dad


If your Dad has a green thumb and could use some extra space in his garden, this project is perfect for expanding his collection of veggies and herbs. With a trellis like this, his plants will grow like weeds – not that he has any of those. View step-by-step instructions to build your own trellis board.

4.       Lawn and landscape for Dad


It’s that time of year when the grass is out of control. Dad’s out there as much as possible to keep it tidy, but he could use your help. Take some time to do a little landscaping and give Dad the day off.

5.       Expand Dad’s backyard storage space


You know Dad needs more storage for his backyard tools. Build him a cedar chest to keep the hoses and garden tools neat and close by. The best part is that cedar is a natural insect repellant – a huge plus. View step-by-step cedar box instructions here.

6.       Organize Dad’s tools – hang a pegboard


Dad’s your favorite handyman and his workspace is his haven for all things DIY. Arrange his space and give his tools a place to hang that’s out of his way and organized.

7.       Bonus: Upgrade his entryway – for experts

Finished Gate

A gate is his passageway into the land of grills, swimming pools and tool sheds. You know that Dad has been putting it off forever, and the dog keeps getting loose. This is your chance to give him a hand and surprise him with this elegant, over-the-top gift (if you can even call it a gift, because it’s much more than that). Learn how to build a wooden gate.

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