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Rudolph the wooden reindeer

Skill Level: Intermediate | Estimated Time: 3 hours 

Step by Step Instructions 

Step 1. Download + Print the Reindeer Stencil 

Download the reindeer stencil PDF and print. 

The stencil is A1 size, so if you have an A4 printer it will need to be printed as separate A4 pages. To do this, select the ‘tile’ option in the print dialogue menu before you print. Your printer will then print out the stencil as 8 separate A4 pages. Alternatively, you can take the stencil file to a local printing shop. 

Step 2. Tape the A4 Sheets Together 

Using masking tape, stick the separate A4 sheets together. 

Step 3. Cut Out the Template 

With a sharp knife, cut out the template elements. 

Step 4. Tape the Template to Plywood 

Stick all elements to the plywood with masking tape to ensure they stay in place. 

Step 5. Draw Around the Template 

Carefully draw around all elements of the template. These will be your cutter lines. 

Step 6. Mark the Center of the Reindeer's Eye 

Mark the center of the eye with your spade bit. You will use this later in the project when drilling the hole for the eye. 

Step 7. Insert a Timber Cutting Blade 

Your plywood is now marked. Insert a timber cutting blade into your jigsaw. 

Step 8. Using a Jigsaw, Cut Around the Template 

Carefully cut around the template. 

Step 9. Prepare to Finish + Assemble 

You now have all of the separate reindeer stencil parts. Get ready to finish and assemble. 

Step 10. Smooth the Edges 

Use a sander to smooth the edges for a nice finished look. 

Step 11. Cut Out a Hole for the Reindeer's Eye 

Cut out a hole for the eye using your drill and a spade bit. 

Step 12. Assemble the Reindeer's Body 

Start to assemble the body of the reindeer. Make sure you use the wider legs as the back legs. These will add extra stability. 

Step 13. Paint or Varnish Your Reindeer (optional) 

Get creative – paint or varnish your reindeer as you wish. You may want to use waterproof paint if you’re planning to let this reindeer stay in your snowy garden. 

Step 14. Apply Wood Glue to Attach the Antlers 

Apply wood glue to attach the antlers and slot them into place. Make sure the glue is completely dry. Follow pack instructions. 

Step 15. Finished! 

You can now add any other decorations to it as you wish.