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Be sure you have limited need for extended use of 20v max blower and string trimmer
By longgshot

There are quite a few different types of power sanders available, so how do you know which one is best for your project? These tips should help guide you along.
By Toolguyd

Cordless drill charger is designed to operate on standard household electrical power (120volts). Do you produce battery chargers that operate at 240 volts/ 50 hertz for countries that use this electrical power and export them?
By Daudmlep

My PS130 12V power packs (type 3) will not take a charge anymore. What are replacements for this unit, please?
By SamanndMaggie

My MS2000 orbital sander no longer spins, and the other attachments no longer vibrate. What's wrong with it?
By fishkatz

versa battery charge time
By gregmary

are HPB18 and HPB18-OPE compatable?
By klaf33

I own B&D Fire Storm drill and crcular saw and my batteries are gone and need to replace them with the charges Battery Types are PS130 and PS 140
By billmorlong

My new 9.6V - 24V battery charger will not accept my 18V battery. The 18V has an "L" shaped male prong that will not slide into the charger. What's wrong?? My 24V and 14.5V batteries fit.
By GabbyHayes

I bought the saw sharpening kit A6039 for chain saws the instructions are in small print and not very clear. can you supply instructions, preferably in PDF format
By 22digital

Bought today 20V Lithium Pole saw [LPP120]. Battery has been charging for over 8 hours.
By Jasimenios

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