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Horseshoes has been played for thousands of years, and is an easy game to set up in the back or side yard. A permanent horseshoe pit is a fun, easy project to build.
By BlackAndDecker

Cornhole, also known as Beanbag toss was invented, by most accounts, during the darkness of the middle ages in Europe. Lost for centuries, it was rediscovered in the back woods of Kentucky in the 19th century. However, the basic idea of the game—throw something at a target—has existed uninterrupted for many thousands of years.
By BlackAndDecker

Ladder golf doesn’t have much to do with golf, but it’s plenty of fun and it’s exploding in popularity. Stop by any tailgate party outside the football stadium and there’s a good chance you’ll see several fans engaged in a heated game. Also called ladder toss, ladder ball, and many other names,ladder golf is a relatively new backyard game that involves tossing short bolas made from golf balls at a ladder-like stand. If the bola wraps around one of the ladder rungs and stays, you earn points.
By BlackAndDecker

I purchased for personal use and would like to use for standby on my boat during boating season, if its safe to do so.
By Treetops

What is the difference between the BM2B and BM3B? There are no specs posted for the BM3B.
By pmhiker

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