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be sure to purchase an extra spool or two of line
By ljhaynes4

I think the cultivator is very helpful and used as designed, can help a home gardener a lot. However, the 45 min. max usage is frustrating followed by a 9 hr. recharge on the battery. I wish the battery either lasted longer, preferably at least one hour or the recharge time was a couple hours, three max.
By robertf

You have created a user-unfriendly site. All I want to do is register my new purchase. I'm doing this for you, but you have made this awkward, confusing and complicated.
By Gesundheit

Once the battery pack has been used several times, how long should I allow to recharge it? It runs out of power in about 45 min to an hour and did not recharge in 2 hours. After about 20 hrs, the hedge trimmer ran again with the rechaarged battery. but was slow and only held the charge for about 30 minutes. What should I expect?
By beverlysimons44

My Lawn Hog won't start. Tried 3 different, new cords.
By poki

The grass trimmer has been charging for 24hrs and it will not work. It sounds like it is trying to work but acts like it has no juice. Anyone know the problem? Bad Battery? Its 7 yrs. old.
By kdisjetset

Which model is better? Both can work the same amount of area per charge.
By Cappy11078

using Li batteris in the old Ni-Cad equipment, weed wacker, chain saw, blower, hedge trimmer
By ejd

Can't get cover off to replace the belt onto the gears.
By koby

The red light comes on when the battery is charging. Does the red light go out when the battery is fully charged or does it stay on as long as the battery is plugged into the charger?
By lent

Battery powered law equipment
By dszall

I've been waiting for a Lithium powered Pole Hedge trimmer. Is Black and Decker planning on introducing this?
By nawalins

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