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The storage cube is a beautifully simple form, yet it is perhaps the most versatile of all modular home storage systems. Essentially a wooden box, the cube can hold anything you want it to, and you can build it almost any size you like. You can mount it on a wall, hang it from the ceiling, set it on a desk, or stack it on the floor with a group of other cubes. You can also add to its function with a coat hook or a shelf if it is wall hung.
By BlackAndDecker

A decorative and utilitarian key holder used to keep keys easily accessible to all family members. It can be easily modified to fit in any space and home decor. It can also be created by using items you probably already have in your home. Please visit me on my blog for more decorative ideas, organizing projects and creative DIY ideas for your home. Visit Organize and Decorate Everything at http://organizeyourstuffnow.com .
By Organize Your Stuff Now

Installing bead board in bookshelves, and how to create unity in decorating.
By Savvy Chic Home

This is truly a trash to treasure project. Here is a way to transform a lawyer's bookcase into a piece that can turn into a great piece in your home. Anyone can do this project. http://impatientlyprayingforpatience.blogspot.com/
By Impatiently Praying for Patience

I made an error when I registered one of my products and want to remove it from the list. How did I do that.
By kluvselvis

The motor on my 15.6V appears to have died. is a replacement available/ if so, where can I get one and what is the approximate cost?
By eduKate

I ordered a filter and got the wrong on. Which filter is appropriate for my 9.6 volt Dustbuster? I can't fid a model #.
By v1sionary

Purchased spacemaker under counter toaster oven Model # TROS1500B. The 2 1/4" metric screws that came with it are too short to reach the hood threads. Four 3" number 5 metric screws are required to get through the cabinet. Unable to find these type of screws at ACE hardware, Home depot, and Loews. Can you provide me these four screws or advise where they can be purchased?
By Mary poppins

circle3" lengh 1/4" deep in a 3" deep pc of wood?
By cachalote

i,m trying to mount the panels for my curtains in instruction they recommend to use dril bit 3/16 and the drill bits i got with my drill machine is HP3. Are they same
By nnajmi

extra bits
By Wallybaby

A walk through the basics of installing crown molding.
By BlackAndDecker

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