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Have any chairs that are in need of a simple update? This step by step tutorial will show you some easy things that you can do to update the chairs in your house and have you feeling 'chairful' again.

If you like what you see, please visit Red Heads Craft More Fun for more decorative inspiration and creative DIY ideas for your home.
By Red Heads Craft More Fun

Make useful drawers for the bathroom vanity, garage or craft area with some scrap wood, glue, nails paint and dollar store baskets.
By Pregnant With Power Tools

This is a great idea for repurposing a dresser mirror. Ron designed a bench using a large dresser mirror for the back. The upholstered seat is hinged for access to the storage underneath. Each bench will look as different as each mirror will be different. It is easy to have your own original bench.
By Junk Blossoms!

This simple project will more than double the storage potential in a small linen or pantry closet.
By BlackAndDecker

A wall niche is kind of cubby hole carved into a stud wall, usually to house display shelving. These days, they are often seen as prefashioned inserts with an arch shape and Greco-Roman styling in higher-end housing, often with classical statuary within the niche sides. The niche shown here is a rather different animal. It is simply a wooden box that you slip into a hole in the wall and then trim out.
By BlackAndDecker

There are quite a few different types of power sanders available, so how do you know which one is best for your project? These tips should help guide you along.
By Toolguyd

clean up is a breeze
By cdmtx65

This is how I refurbished and old coffee table into a usable bench for my Master Bedroom.
By A Little Knick Knack

can you use these batteries in all 18 volt tools
By albfamily

new shredder will not function but for a short time. turn on and off will work fo about 30 seconds and shuts off. says bin is full and also that we are trying to shred to many sheets at once and all I'm feeding is 1 sheet of paper.
By jdmillersr

Can you please invent drill bits for my b&d cordless screwdriver? I'm on a very tight budget now and can't buy a drill.
By critter_daniels

I made an error when I registered one of my products and want to remove it from the list. How did I do that.
By kluvselvis

I have a LST1018, can I use one of your other 18v batteries?
By greid123

It runs backward But not forward. Won't shred
By blackwell472007

Very short use before depleting, long time to charge. I have two batteries one year old that will not charge at all anymore. I have two $38 doorstops. Reading Google reviews I see I am not alone in my dislike of your batteries. What can I do to replenish or replace these things. I've always loved your tools, but if this battery is what represents B and D, I'm off to visit DeWalt and Mikita.
By blue coyote

Just got the new PHV1810.Does that not provide a wall mount anymore? Can you provide one.Otherwise very disappointing and I would return it.
By Thiarnain

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