Model No. SPCM1936

36V 19 in. Self-Propelled Mower

33 Reviews

With one-touch height adjustment and instant start, this cordless self-propelled lawn mower can cut up to 1/3 of an acre on a single charge.

Where to Buy

36V Mower Technology

Mow up to ⅓ of an acre with the removable BLACK+DECKER 36V mower battery. Have a larger lawn? 36V cordless technology allows you to charge additional batteries and swap them to finish the job.
Self-propelled to make mowing easy. Just set the mower speed and go!


Features + Benefits

  • Black & Decker’s electric lawn and garden equipment releases zero emissions in your yard, helping to reduce your carbon footprint
  • Self-propelled, you can adjust the mowing speed to your personal pace so you can achieve great cutting results with minimal effort.
  • Removable 36V battery and highly efficient motor allow you to mow up to 1/3 of an acre homesite on a full charge.
  • With a 19 in. LIFETIME deck and highly efficient blade, achieve a manicured lawn without the hassles of a gas-powered mower.
  • One touch height adjustment makes it quick and easy to cut at the desired grass height with the pull of a single lever.
  • Instant start allows users to insert the key, pull the handle, and go without frustrating starting issues.
  • Removeable battery easily lifts out, making charging away from mower more convenient. Additional batteries can be purchased for larger yards.
  • Easy to start, and quiet too. The mower is much quieter than gas mowers – allowing for early morning mowing without waking the neighbors.
  • Unlike gas mowers, users can fold the mower for upright or compact storage, which is ideal for small spaces in sheds or garages.
  • Users can choose to mulch or store cut grass in the rear bag.
  • Durable and lightweight polymer cutting deck never rusts, is easy to clean, and comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Soft grip handle provides added comfort while mowing the lawn.

Product Specs

Charge Time at 100% 12 hrs
Charge Time at 60% 4 hrs
Cutting Heights 1 1/2 to 3 1/2 in
Cutting Path 19 in
Height Adjustment single point
Ideal Property Size up to 1/3 acre
Mulching Capability Yes
Power Source Battery
Voltage 36 V
Weight 90 lbs
  • This Self-Propelled Cordless Mower provides the freedom of a gas mower with the convenience of an electric mower. It is simple to start and requires no gas, oil or tune-ups.
  • SPCM1936 Mower
  • (1) 36V Battery
  • (1) Charger
  • (1) Safety Key
  • (1) Rear Bag with Frame


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Review of 36V 19


33 reviews

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This review is hidden because you have chosen to ignore Ralph Geer. Show DetailsHide Details


Overall, it was worth buying again. This is my second one. Total maintenance in 2-3 years is an extra battery, another clip to keep the front wheel from coming off, and a rear wheel to replace the one with worn down gear teeth. I interchange the two batteries so I can mow more lawn. The first battery cut less and less lawn after a year or so. I haven't replaced the rubber handle grip but have been thinking of putting on a car steering wheel cover soon. I don't use the rear bag. I only mulch so I found it necessary to fix the chute door in place so nothing would escape through it.

Pros: Never had to change blade. Easy to use.

Cons: Long charging time. Front wheel falls off easily. Rear wheel loses gear teeth easily. Rubber handle grip comes apart easily.

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This review is hidden because you have chosen to ignore NE_Gardener. Show DetailsHide Details

Super Lawnmower - Served me well for 4 years...

I purchased the 19" Self-Propelled Rechargeable Mower fall 2010 and didn't use until I moved into my new home 9/2011. My mow space just under 1/3 acre. The front is a small 60'x40', side yard 80'x40' with the backyard being 110'x 90'. I typically rotate mowing the backyard one day and the front, setting deck on setting 4-5. Over the past four years I've learned to sharpen the mulch blade 2-3X per season depending on use and replace every other year is badly nicked. I've purchased an additional battery. I've been overall happy with the product. I'm now thinking about replacing the unit - either small riding mower or cordless that is much lighter and easier to move around.

Pros: Reliable, variable speed self-propelled, availability of replacement blades and batteries. B&D is a good product. I wish they would take this model to the next level similar to the EGO mower.

Cons: The batteries are heavy and make the mower itself sometimes a little heavy/clumsy to maneuver. However, I would never consider a push model because of that. Weight is unfortunately the trade off of an acid battery - lithium is lighter. Recommended innovations would be larger wheels.

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This review is hidden because you have chosen to ignore jstew97. Show DetailsHide Details

Works GREAT so far..

Only had this mower for about a week and used it once. Took 5 min to get assembled and have the batt on the charger. Seemed to charge pretty fast, less then an hour. Once I got mowing it worked like a champ, both push and self propel. So far this is great! Better then expected!

Pros: Easy assembly, fast charge, great cut, quieter then a gas mower, easy to store taking up little space

Cons: Grass gets under the batt, have to remove the batt to clean. Not hard or time consuming, just figured there would be a seal of some sort.

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This review is hidden because you have chosen to ignore vonrex. Show DetailsHide Details

Didn't work. Horrible quality control and service.

I bought this model because I liked the feature set and there were many positive reviews. That was a mistake. I had to return this machine the day after it arrived because it's completely useless.

The battery won't hold a charge, even after a whole day of charging. B&D told me it looked like I had a bad battery. They gave me two choices: return the entire lawn mower to the store, or take the mower to their nearest service center, over an hour's drive away, and have a technician examine the battery and maybe they could help me. Guess which option I chose. I would have been happy to just try a new battery, but they wouldn't do that.

Now here's the thing: this battery comes with a one-touch power indicator. You hit the button right on top of the battery and it tells you how charged it is. Despite the simplicity of testing this device, it's apparently too much of a task for the Black and Decker quality control department.

Pros: Can't tell you. Couldn't get the mower to even run. B&D confirmed that they shipped me a broken battery.

Cons: Battery problems described above made this entire device non-functional. This shoddy attitude towards craftsmanship is shown in other ways throughout this machine. For example, the leads that charge the battery are made of cheap plastic that are difficult to connect, which means it *will* eventually break. I paid over $400 for this machine and the primary charging port is more flimsy than a typical $10 USB thumb drive. At least those are made of metal! Never again, Black and Decker. You've wasted my time and money for the last time.

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This review is hidden because you have chosen to ignore jbeasley8292. Show DetailsHide Details

1 yr. later not working! Poor battery life.

I purchased this at Home Depot one year ago and the it will not hold a charge for more than 10 min. Black and Decker sent me a new charger but it did not fix the problem. Now we are checking out the battery. I have to wait at least 10 days for Black and Decker to mail me a postage label. Then I have to figure out how to wrap up and ship off a very heavy battery. Then I have to wait until they try to fix it or send me a new one? Can you imagine how tall my grass will be by the end of this? They should just send me a new battery period! Also the bag is not catching grass so there is another problem. It also doesn't seem to cut as close to the ground as it used to. I would not have purchased it knowing that it wouldn't last past 1 year.

Pros: it is attractive.

Cons: It propels too fast on the slowest level, does not cut sharp like in the beginning and battery doesn't work at one year of ownership.

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