Model No. BDH3600SV

36V MAX* Lithium Stick Vac with ORA™ Technology

1 Review

With a 12 air-cyclone system to keep suction strong, this 2-in-1 stick vacuum easily converts from stick vac to hand vac.

Where to Buy

ORA™ Technology

Convenience Meets Power

ORA™ Technology may sound complicated but the premise is simple: the power to tackle tough messes. ORA™, or Optimized Runtime + Airflow Technology, provides fade-free power and no loss of suction*. A 2-in-1 design allows each ORA™-equipped, cordless vacuum to function as both an upright stick vacuum and detachable hand vac, offering the convenience you need to take on whatever messes the day brings.

*When tested to a method of BS EN60312-1:2013 Clause 5.9



Features + Benefits

  • 12 Air-Cyclone helps to prevent clogging for true no loss of suction
  • Lithium technology for strong suction and fade free power
  • Detachable hand vac for cleaning versatility
  • Powered brush for easy carpet cleaning
  • Self standing when not in use for convenient storage
  • State of charge indicator
Black and Decker - 36V MAX Lithium Stick Vac with ORA Technology - BDH3600SV

Product Specs

Battery Type Lithium-Ion
Charge Duration 4 hrs
Charger Charging Base
Dustbin Capacity 15.2 oz.
Duty Type Heavy
Floor Head Path 9.5 in
Power Rating 36
Product Dimensions (HxWxD) 11.6 x 10.6 x 30.5 in
Replacement Filters BDHSVF10
Self Stand Yes
Suction Power 42.5 AW
Weight 8 lbs
  • Carpet and hard floor surfaces, cars, stairs, couches and more
  • Hand Vac
  • Floor Vac Chassis
  • Charging Stand
  • Retractable Crevice Tool
  • Brush Tool


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36V MAX Lithium Stick Vac with ORA™ Technology


1 review

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So far this is a real treat. And... at 199.00 ( a vender we found on Amazon) its a great deal compared to what is on the market. Because we were seeing this 36 volt stick at $299.00 we were not considering it. After a long search we decided to buy the Hoover Air. Once we saw it in person, the Hoover really looked cheap. We saw the Black and Decker hand Vac displayed near the Hoover and really were wishing we could justify $299.00 to clean the kitchen floor. I do think the Hoover would have preformed as we wanted but it looked like a tacky throwaway and it was no where near as powerful. When we found the Black and Decker 3600 at $199.00, we jumped at it. Here is what is good... its substantially built and looks like it will last as long as we want to take care of it. It is handsome, has a well thought out design and good fit and finish. The hand vac is really easy to remove and very easy to click back in. It docks very easily.. not a lot of fumbling and aiming. The charger stand helps it slide right into place. It also stands on its own. It shows battery capacity in an intuitive way. It gives you a warning when the chamber is getting full. It also gives you a warning when your battery is starting to die. Its very powerful.. way more that the 12 volt - 20 volt units on the market. It doesn't gradually start to lose power at any point. It runs as strong 20 minutes later as it does when you first start out. starts.. You get a warning when it starts to lose its charge. It picks things up first time ( aggressively) and has really good edge cleaning. ( Far better than the Hoover) We purchased the B and D for a small space. Pretty much we are sweeping up dog hair, cat food & litter and the days foot traffic in a kitchen mudroom and hallway. It does that flawlessly. really amazes me that I only have to make one pass to get everything. The Hoover Task vac never did get the salesman's fake dirt demo after several passes. In fact.. get anything off the floor that might be too large as it will pick it up.. it even ( accidentally) picked up a soda bottle cap. I have only had it a couple of weeks but unless a manufacturer's defect shows up I thinks its terrific. The things that I don't love about it are few and not worth rejecting it for but this would be perfect if it was a little bit lighter and not quite as noisy. its 5 times noisier with a high pitched powerful motor sound than my SEBO that is my normal vacuum. The chamber also fills up pretty quickly like all of its competitors do. But, I'll take a fast fill to an alternative of a heavier unit so it had more space. A lot of people complain about these cordless stick vacs having limited battery life. These aren't designed to clean your whole house.. but it can do all the hard surfaces( 800SF) in my house easily and still have battery life. I love it and at this price you can't lose. I actually do see a price of $299.00 being a fair price compared to the market which I researched thoroughly. Having a $1000.00 in my other vacuum I couldn't justify it for the kitchen...but at the price I got it for I could not resist. The 20Volt Hoover Air is $179.00 and the Hoover TaskVac is $199.00 plus $100 extra for an extended battery and there is no comparison other than they share the name Stick Vac. AS I said in the beginning.. I'm very pleased. I'll update this review if anything changes.

Pros: Powerful, substantial, good looking, easy to dock and undock.

Cons: heavy, noisy

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